Shedding Water Weight: What You Need to Know

Water weight is never much fun. It makes you look swollen and bloated, and bigger than you actually are. Whether you're a seasoned athlete who wants to be on top form, or just want to fit into your favourite jeans then you might be wondering what you can do to get rid of the problem. Water weight can be a result of eating the wrong foods- too many carbs and salt are both culprits. It can accumulate after being dehydrated which is why you can wake up looking and feeling puffy the next day after a heavy night on the drink. In some cases, it can be a result of medical issues, if you think this is the case for you then be sure to speak to your doctor first. In some cases, especially in the short term, busting water weight with water pills could be the solution to your issues, but it's not always the case. Here's what you need to know. 

What are water pills exactly? 
'Water pills' also are known as diuretics, which create pressure in the kidneys to flush the salt and excess water from your body through your urine. If your body is holding onto too much water, a simple diretic like this can resolve the problem, however you shouldn't just self prescribe. This is because in some cases, it can cause a cycle of dehdration and actually cause your body to hold onto more water. 

What are they used for?
Water pills are commonly prescribed medications which reduce swelling, blood pressure and also help in preventing the buildup of fluid. They're often used for people who are suffering from heart failure, hypertension, and idiopathic oedema as these conditions all cause fluid buildup. In less serious cases, it's helpful for those suffering with short term mild bloating issues such as menstrual bloating. 

Can they help with weight loss?
Water pills won't help with fat loss. You may weigh less on the scale as your body is holding on to less water, but they're not reducing the fat in your cells in any way. These have been misused by dieters since their creation, but doing so will cause more harm than good. To reduce your body fat, you need to exercise more and consume fewer calories, there's no real shortcut. 

What are the alternatives?
If you're noticing bloating and puffiness which isn't a result of a medical issue, some simple lifestyle changes are key- rather than believing water pills are the solution. Exercise will help to flush out excess salts and fluid buildup. It seems counter productive, but drinking water and staying well hydrated will also help. Cut your buildup of salt, and eat more natural, whole foods such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains. These will all keep your body on top form. Cut out alcohol, and stop doing things that are damaging your body. Fluid retention can be a sign that things aren't working as they should be, so take the warning seriously. 

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