When Is the Right Time to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

injured bandaged hand

We may have come a long way in terms of public safety but the world can still be a dangerous place. After all, wrongdoers don’t always look like criminals. They don’t look villainous at all! Some even look like angels; a wolf in sheep’s clothing, if were to use classic lingo. With all this danger lurking around us, we can never say that we are 100% safe – no matter how many alarms we put up at home or how many Tasers we stuff in our bags. Aside from self-defense, we need to prepare for when something does happen. We need to be ready for whenever danger befalls us or when the unthinkable happens to us. You know what they say; it always pays to be prepared. 
Learn more about the benefits of being prepared here: https://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/20130726-1549-20490-4325/why_prepare.pdf

But what should you be preparing for exactly? Well, for one, there’s personal injury. Disagreements happen all the time. Any of us could get into a petty arguments or a senseless squabble; we could get in conflict with a colleague at work or get entangled in a violent situation at the local bar. We might even run into serious problems while doing completely mundane things like grocery shopping or doing laundry at the cleaners. We never know where and when we’ll get to encounter perilous situations. If bad luck would have it, we may even get injured during the whole event. Should an unwarranted situation cause harm to your well-being, then you may have a case of personal injury. 

By lawful definition, personal injury refers to any physical, mental, or emotional harm directed to or suffered by your own person (read more). This means that you don’t have to bleed to consider an act harmful to your well-being. Personal injury does not merely refer to physical harm, after all. The perpetrator may still be accused of personal injury should their behaviour cause mental or emotional damage to you. Verbal harassment is a primary example. To this day, we still receive countless cases involving workplace harassment – maybe we’d even receive more but some employees are just not brave enough to speak up about their own case of workplace abuse. Anyhow, an employee may not attack his colleague physically but should his behaviour cause significant harm and discomfort to the other, he may still be taken in for investigation. Say, the employee victimized by workplace harassment quits working for good because of all the abuse he experienced. This clearly shows us a case of mental and emotional harm leading to the incapability of a person to do productive work. The whole experience has damaged his person and someone must be held liable for it. 

A more common case of personal injury, however, is direct or physical harm. For example, you’re drinking at a local pub and someone you don’t know randomly attacks you from behind. He engages into a brawl with you despite you not having any intention to fight back. That person may be charged with a personal injury case for exhibiting violent behaviour. He’ll probably end up with not just one case either since the behaviour was brought about by irresponsible drinking. Living in this kind of world (the kind where an attack could happen without a moment’s notice), preventative measures must be put in place. This is to make sure that you are protected at all times. To start, you need to get yourself acquainted with a Personal Injury Lawyer – just in case.  Even when you don’t have a case (yet), making the right connections is a good way to prepare for the inevitable and unpredictable. When you have fostered good relations with a local P.I. lawyer, like the professionals from Zaner Harden Law you can be sure that someone will come to your aid when something unfortunate happens. 

Lawyers are very busy, and they mostly prioritise familiar clients. Establishing a good relationship with them in advance will definitely help you secure your future, come what may. This may not stop bad things from happening to you but it can at least enable you to reach out for the right support in times of dire need.

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