Young Drivers: What To Do After You've Passed Your Driving Test?

young person just passed their driving test

It’s finally happened! Your driving test has rolled around, and despite the nerves you manage to do well. The driving examiner tells you the great news that you’ve passed your driving test. No more smelly buses, no more begging for lifts and most importantly, new found freedom to take yourself wherever, whenever you want. But what happens now? Take a look at these things you should be doing right after you’ve passed your driving test.

Tell the world
One thing that many people do once they’ve passed their driving test is to let everyone know using social media! Have your instructor take a picture of you with your certificate next to the car you passed in and post it to your social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. There’s nothing quite like sharing your successes with your friends and family online! Have your moment and enjoy it!

Buy yourself a car
This might seem a little obvious, but many people don’t do this when they first pass their driving test. More often than not, young drivers have themselves insured on their parent’s or friend’s cars, and while this is a reliable and cheap alternative, it will bite you in the back in the long run. Insurance companies will have a high premium for you when you start driving, but the sooner you take on your own insurance policy, the sooner your premiums will come down. Contact Century cars and have a chat with them about second-hand motors that you could begin your driving career in!

Plan a road trip
It’s likely that during the time you’ve spent learning to drive that you’ve dreamed of taking off on a long road trip to celebrate your new found freedom - so do that! Why not arrange a long drive with your friends to the beach or a campsite to celebrate all of your hard work!?

Create the ultimate playlist
No road trip is complete without a killer playlist to belt out throughout your journey. If your car doesn’t have a CD player or an auxiliary port, then buy yourself an FM car transmitter so that you can play music directly from your phone, iPod, or MP3 player. They’re super cheap and work really well, especially for those that don’t have any other option.

Go to a drive through
There have probably been a plethora of times where you’ve gone through a drive through with your parents or friends, and now it’s your turn to go through one and guess what? You can do it any time you like now! It sounds silly but it's these little things that feel so good when you finally get your license. 

Meet your friends
Finally, if you’re a young driver then it’s likely that your friends (or at least some of them) will have already passed their test too. Use this chance while you’re still young and going out late at night to meet your friends somewhere. Why not pick up those that can’t drive so that nobody misses out? After all, until now you were the one asking for lifts!

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