Driving with Points; What You Should Know

Normally, in life scoring points is a positive thing. It means you’ve achieved something or done something to help yourself or your team. When it comes to driving, however, scoring points is not a positive thing. And it most certainly does not help either; it does the opposite, it hinders. But, having points on your driver’s license, as bad as it may sound, is not the end of the world. There are ways for you to carry on driving, and carry on driving cheaply. Read on to see just how.

Don’t lie when taking out car insurance
The most important thing you can do when driving with points is to never lie to any official bodies regarding your car and/or your driving. Specifically, do not lie when you are setting up your car insurance for the year. By claiming you have no points when you do, have a no claims bonus when you don’t and haven’t had an accident when you have, you can land yourself in hot water. And this hot water will do more than just burn your reputation with insurance companies, it will burn a hole in your wallet too. It’s all very well finding a cheap insurer on cheapautoinsurance.co.uk and taking out a policy with them, but if you lie to them, any policy you do take out will be void. And when an insurance policy is void, it is going to be hard for you to get back the money you spent on it. Subsequently, that results in you wasting money. So, the moral of the story is, if you've caused an accident, and then when you’re asked if you've been at fault in accident, say yes!

You won’t have the points forever
Here’s some good news, any points you do pick up on your travels won’t stay on your licence forever. No, points disappear after time; some quicker than others depending on how serious your offence was. For any speeding offences (otherwise known as reckless or dangerous driving) you will be given points that will last for three years from the conviction date. For anybody who has committed more serious offences, such as drink or drug driving, their points will be stuck to their licence for ten years from the conviction date. Of course, it is not good to offend on the road and pick up points, but it is nice to know they don’t tarnish you forever, isn’t it?

You can avoid points
The best way to avoid points being put on your licence is to simply not commit a driving offence. But if you do, and you’re worried about having even three points on your licence, then fear not. There are ways to avoid points, such as taking a National Speed Awareness Course. This course is made available to those who break the speed limit of the road they are driving on, but are under a certain speed that is deemed to be acceptable. Drivers who are offered the chance to take the course can do so (for £80) and then come out of it with extra knowledge on what is acceptable on the roads, and what is not. They also come out of it with a squeaky clean licence.

If you’ve got points on your licence, or if you ever do end up with points on your licence, remember it is not the end of the world. And just remember that the best way to avoid points is to stay safe on the roads. So, stay safe on the roads!

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