A Short Guide to Semi Formal Weddings

wedding guests at an outdoor wedding

Sticking to a specific dress code can be quite difficult when you’re not very fluent in that particular code- and 'semi formal' or 'smart casual' is something that tends to trip a lot of us up. However, if you’re going to go to a wedding that has the semi-formal dress code on the invitation, there’s no need for you to worry, because it’s quite easy to figure out, once you know the basics. 

Example of outfits that work wonders for this particular dress code for women are polished dresses that sit at around the knee level. If you're curvier and want something that will look super flattering on your shape, check out plus size dresses for weddings. Another great alternative would be a midi or maxi dress, perhaps with wedge sandals and a blazer over the top for the perfect smart/ casual balance. Ideally, you want to go for something that’s both chic and comfortable since weddings do tend to be long days. 

When it comes to shorter dresses, just make sure that the one you pick isn’t too short exposing too much skin, since it's not really appropriate and can actually be a little offensive. If, on the other hand, you’re a bigger fan of long dresses, pick one that’s as minimalistic as possible and that doesn’t have a great deal of embellishments, since those tend to make dresses turn a bit too formal. And last but not least, whenever you're wearing a dress of any kind- avoid white or ivory! You don't want the bride to feel as though she's being upstaged or worse, for you to be mistaken for the bride! It's actually fine to wear black to a wedding, just lighten it up with some colourful accessories such as a pastel pink shawl, shoes and a light coloured clutch bag for example. 

If you want some advice on how to get through any occasion without spending a fortune on your wardrobe, check out the handy guide below. 

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