Stylish Renovations That Will Make Your Guests Say "Wow"

We would all like our homes to be as stylish as possible. Not only do we want to live in a stunning environment, but we sometimes feel the urge to impress our guests too (especially if they want to buy our home). Settling on the most impactful renovations, however, can be a challenge. You have so many options but only a limited budget. What will make your guests say “wow?” Let’s take a look. 

Forest Chandeliers
For some time now, renovators have been trying to bring plants into people’s homes. But despite their efforts, relatively few properties feature interior plants. They’re messy, require a lot of effort to keep in good condition, and are sometimes expensive. The whole point of plants is to try to recreate the ambience of the natural world, but it is notoriously tricky to pull off. Now, though, somebody has had the smart idea to create a chandelier that turns your rooms into a forest. The concept is pretty simple. You create a chandelier that looks like a ball of twisted branches. You then put a bulb in the middle and switch it on. The light then hits the material of the chandelier and casts shadows on the exterior walls that look a bit like a forest. Some people might think the effect is spooky, but others will love it, especially on cold, winter nights. 

Outdoor-Indoor Pools
If you want to sell your house fast, outdoor-indoor pools are one of the best investments you can make. These fun setups allow you to move in and out of your home, without even leaving the water. The concept might sound fabulously expensive, but they’re actually relatively cheap (as far as pools go). They are, for the most part, just outdoor pools. But usually, builders will construct a permanent shelter (similar to the one you might find over a patio), over half of the pool, leaving the rest in the open air. 

Spiral Staircase With Optional Helter Skelter
In all likelihood, your home probably already has a functional staircase. But sometimes, you extend your property so much; it makes sense to install a second. Spiral staircases are great because they take up relatively little space while adding a sense of fun and excitement to your rooms. Some designers will include a helter-skelter on the outside, providing you with a fun way to get downstairs in the morning. Plus, homebuyers will love it. 

A Double Hammock Bed
Suspending a hammock from the rafters is no big deal - quite a few people have done that. Relatively few, however, have a double hammock bed. These are essentially giant hammocks for two people, suspended from the roof by a series of chains. It eliminates the need for an expensive bed and provides you with a comfortable and exciting place to sleep at night. Your guests will never have seen anything like it. Just don’t put it in the guest room. That might be taking things a little too far.

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