Interior Design Options For The Perfect Open Plan Home

Open planned living can be a challenge as creating the illusion of separate rooms needs to be carefully planned. However, with a few simple changes and some textured rugs, it is possible to create the perfect open planned living space with a coherent theme. To help you get started, we have put together a list of our tips and tricks for interior design in an open planned home. 

Make The Most Of Strong Accent Colours 
When decorating your home is it crucial to look at strong accent colours. Whether it is bright yellow or a bold red, this can be used to tie together the home all whilst differentiating between the different rooms in the home. This is a simple and stylish way of making your open plan living stand out and allows you to centre the design efforts around a colour theme that works. 

Find Creative Ways To Make Partitions 
When you are living in an open-plan space, there are several fun and creative ways that you can create partitions without ruining the illusion. Whether this is adding a large photo canvas to the wall or creating an elegant glass partition, this can help to break up the space without running the overall look. These can be placed with ease and are simple to use, allowing you to make the most out of the space that you have whilst creating privacy should you need it. This can also be chopped and changed when you want to stick to the colour theme. 

Stick To A Coherent Theme 
Due to the lack of walls it crucial that you stick to a coherent colour theme throughout your home. This will help to ensure that every aspect works well together and is pleasing to the eye. Therefore, it is important to choose a colour for the walls that is neutral. Whether this is a white or cream, this can help to tie the look together as it allows for accent colours to be added. This wall colour acts as a blank canvas and allows you to change the colours when you wish to be altering the furniture. 

Separate Spaces With Carpets 
The final way that you can differentiate between the different rooms in the home is by adding carpets. If you have wooden floor running throughout the home it can be challenging to create a comfortable spot to relax. However, by adding a carpet to the living room, you can create the perfect space for your loved one to sit and relax. This can be placed under a coffee table and can help to time the living room together and make it more welcoming. This can be paired with the pillows and additional throws to make a warm and comfortable space to relax and host friends and family. 

Open planned decorating is made easy when following these few simple rules as you can create a space that is not only comfortable to live in but the perfect blend of modern living and your personal style. Where will you be starting in your design process?

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