Adding a Luxury Touch to Your Product Packaging

Product packaging can be tough to get right. It needs to say something about the product or products, no matter if it's picked up from a shelf or shipped to your customer. When you want your product to have a high-end look and feel, the packaging can make a big difference. If the packaging looks cheap, it can make the product look cheap. But if the packaging has a luxury feel, it can give the product more value even when the product itself might not be that different from other, similar products. So how do you add a luxury touch to your product packaging?

Think About Different Senses
Creating a sensory experience can be a great place to start if you want to make your products have more of a luxury feel. You can think about what your packaging looks like, the tactile experience of unboxing or unwrapping it, and even the sounds it makes and how it smells. When you consider these things, you can create a complete experience that is enjoyable for your customer. Your product will look tempting and will be fun to open too. Some things that you can do include making your packaging weighty, adding some embossed or raised elements, and even adding a scent.

Consider Composition and Layout
What your product looks like inside the packaging can make a difference too. If your consumer is opening it up to find your product or different elements of your product inside, think about what it looks like when it's revealed. You might want to create a sense of symmetry, for example. You could have a certain amount of space around your product but you don't want so much that it looks like there's too much packaging. Try experimenting with different layouts and even considering different shapes for your packaging to highlight its contents.

Include Some Little Details
Sometimes it's the small details that can make a big difference. By including little details in your product packaging, you can make it seem a lot more special. It's a great way to make your product look amazing without necessarily having to spend a lot of money. With some quality tissue paper in your brand colours and some foil stickers with your logo, you can make your product look lovely and luxurious. It doesn't take much to give your products a luxury touch, whether you're packing them to sell in stores or to send out to your customers.

Strike a Balance with Unboxing
Unboxing something new can be a fun and exciting experience. However, if it takes too long or is too difficult, it won't be such a pleasant thing to do. It's important to get the balance right if you want to create a fun unboxing experience. Think about how to make it easy but also ensure it's not over too soon. You might have a box to open, then several items to remove inside.

Luxury packaging can add value to your product by improving not just the appearance by the experience too.