Makeup Mistakes We Should All Avoid!

I recently wrote a post about ten things I used to be guilty of in terms of my beauty regime (or should that be lack of). The world of makeup and beauty is definitely a confusing place when you're first starting out, and it got me thinking about other makeup mishaps. Here's my list of beauty faux pas, and are prime examples of when makeup will most definitely make you look worse rather than better!

Foundation, bronzer or fake tan that's too dark
Looking bronzed in the summer is great, but there's often a fine line between a golden glow and looking like you've just walked out of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Don't make the mistake of thinking that everything looks great when you're posing in your bedroom mirror, just to go outside and realise... woahhh I've been Tangoed. Check your tan and makeup in natural lighting before venturing outside.

Spider Lashes
We all want big, glamourous lashes; I'd wear fake lashes every day if it didn't mean running the risk of pulling all of my natural ones out. But applying layer after layer of mascara without properly combing through is going to lead to a clumpy mess. Spiders are scary, and so are these eyelashes.

Lipstick on Teeth
I genuinely feel sorry for anyone that this has happened to, because it's such an unfortunate mistake. The same kind of horror as walking out of a public toilet with your skirt tucked into your underwear or tissue stuck to your shoe. If you're wearing a bold lip, keep a compact mirror or an honest friend close by.

Too Much Makeup
Focus on one area, whether it be eyes, cheeks or lips and keep the rest of your makeup muted. If you're going for a dark smokey eye, a bright lip and dark blusher as well is obviously going to be way too much. We all love makeup, but wearing everything you own at one time isn't the way to do it.

Lipstick over cracked or chapped lips.
Keeping lips in perfect condition every single day can be a struggle. So if you are having one of those days when your lips are not at their best, don't try hiding them with lipstick because it will make them look ten times worse. Stick with a clear balm instead.

Cartoon Eyebrows
Perfectly arched eyebrows can really frame the eyes and generally make the face look nice. If you've been tweezer happy and don't have much to work with, then filling in your eyebrows can help to balance things out. But be careful of overdoing it- overly arched eyebrows look cartoonish and scream 'Cruella De Ville.'

Wrong Foundation
Know your skin type and choose the correct foundation for your needs, otherwise dry skin will look flaky, and oily skin will look like its been dunked in a chip pan. Makeup should accentuate your looks, if you go for the wrong products you'll end up looking worse.

Concealer that's too light
Everyone craves the 'Kim K' highlighted under eye look- but things can star looking pretty weird when you take it too far. Go a few shades lighter under your eyes by all means, but everything should still blend into your foundation and look natural, not like you've just painted yourself a new face.

Foundation Line
Blending is your friend. Not blending foundation properly makes it look like a mask, and a scary one at that. Always make sure everything is blended, pay attention to around the ears, the hairline and jawline.

What do you think the biggest mistake a person can make when it comes to makeup?


  1. Great post!!! This made me laugh so much :)


  2. Haha i love this post! made me giggle :) I think the worst is the obvious foundation line - we've all accidentally done it at some stage but i hate the whole white neck/orange face thing xx

  3. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm probably guilty on a few accounts of these makeup disasters! haha. Nevermind, we all learn from our mistakes ;) haha.

    What a great post, really made me laugh!

    Laura xx

  4. Heheheh, I've had the dry/chapped lips one before. That was only because my carmex had run out :')

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  6. All of these drive me insane. I especially despise the foundation line or being so bronze you look like an Oompa Loompa. Not a cute look, lol. I have been guilt of the chapped lips, but sadly I can't do much about it at times because of my eczema.

    I found your blog through the BBU blog hop.

  7. LOOOOL some of the pics in this post made me laugh out loud hahaha!

    Good tips though, especially the one about the one for choosing a foundation for your skin type. (^__^)

    Found you via the BBU blog hop love! Followed xoxo

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  12. This made me laugh haha, fab post. Heavy foundation with zero mascara/any form of eye makeup looks pretty weird too! x

  13. Haha this post really made me laugh! LOVE it!

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  17. Great blog! I'll admit, I have had the spider lash look back in my teenage days when I didn't know better haha!

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  18. Great post! Haha there are too many people wearing foundation that's too dark for them these days!!
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  21. This post made me laugh! Loved it :))

  22. Funny post! I think the worst one (or the one I see TOO MUCH) is the cartoon eyebrows. Why would anyone ever think that was cute?!?! New follower from the Monday Blues Blog Hop! :D

  23. Loved this post :D
    And I had this exact Barbie as a kid.
    I gotta confess I do the cartoon eyebrows tho ;)
    x, Lara

  24. nice blog. n its a bit shameful to admit that some points indicated my makeup routine. well i shall be careful.
    happy make up

  25. Lol!!! This was informative and funny. I will def keep these pointers in mind when applying my make-up

    Maya D

  26. This is so true an funny Ive seen some of these same mistakes I use to make some of these mistakes myself Now I am alot better lol

    Xo Chante' Xo

  27. Awesome tips! A great tip to avoid the dreaded lipstick on your teeth is to stick your finger in your mouth, close your mouth around it as if you are sucking on a straw and then pull it out with your lips still closed around your finger. Hahahahaha I realize how strange that sounds, but it works! The lipstick that will be left on your finger is what could have gotten on your teeth.

    If you are still confused tweet me @totallytamryn and I will explain it better!

    Tamryn @TotallyTamryn - "A Beautician's Beauty Basics"