Highstreet Vs High End: Rimmel 'Celeb' Vs Mac 'Please Me'

Rimmel 'Celeb'  (Discontinued)/ Mac 'Please Me' 

You'd think that swatching two lipsticks in your collection and realising they're almost identical would be a disappointing moment, but in this case it was great news for me. It meant finding a replacement for a well-loved but sadly discontinued shade that I use all the time! A quick look online has just shown me that you can't even find Celeb any more (even in the darkest and dustiest corners of eBay) and so I think Please Me came into my life at just the right time.

When I bought Mac's Please Me I wasn't specifically going out of my way to find a match for Celeb, but now that I have it it definitely makes sense; I wanted something wearable for daytime and Celeb is undoubtedly one of my most worn daytime lipsticks. While I love bright pink, red or orange toned lipstick, when it comes to day to day wear I tend to gravitate towards more muted and fail-safe shades, colours like this are a lot lower maintenance. You can tell that I've got my wear out of Celeb, I'm about half way through it which is pretty good going seeing as there's probably more than a hundred different lip products in my collection.

While they don't look especially similar in the bullet (I think Please Me looks more pink toned) you can probably see from the swatch that the colour is almost identical. I actually had to double check before labelling these, because they're so similar I couldn't tell them apart. The differences in these two lipsticks lies in the formulation; Celeb is creamy with a slightly glossy finish which is typical of most standard lipsticks, it's very comfortable on the lips but with a shorter wear time. Please Me is matte and sits close to the lips, giving it much better staying power. While I don't find Please Me to be overly drying or uncomfortable, it definitely feels different to your standard 'creme finish' lipsticks.

Have you ever found a good dupe for one of your favourite products?