Bourjois Cream Blush in Nude Velvet

Bourjois Cream Blushes: £8 from Boots

For such teeny little blushes, these have caused some massive hype in the beauty world since their release! Bourjois in general have been putting out some amazing products recently, they've gone from being a brand I used to feel pretty indifferent about to one that I'm really quite interested in buying from. Nude Velvet immediately appealed to me, as peach blushes are always my favourite. I tend to steer clear of pinks as they make me look like a flushed red tomato and so I settled on the lighter of the two peachy shades '01 Nude Velvet.' I think I'm in love.

I usually prefer standard powder blushes over creams as I'm not keen on the greasy dewy looking finish they can have on the skin. But the 'cream to powder' claims of these swung it for me, and the formula is stunning. It's velvety, light and applies like a dream; it's definitely not a nude shade like the name would suggest but very natural looking and wearable peach which would suit just about anyone. It gives a healthy looking glow to the skin without it looking shimmery or shiny; I don't have anything else like it, and it's quickly taken the position of one of my favourite blushes. I do think the mirror in the lid was a bit of a silly move (you can barely see one eye in it- it would take a pretty desperate situation to top up your makeup in it!) but it does give the overall packaging a quality feel. I love that the outer packaging is the same as the shade inside, and I imagine it would be pretty handy if you own all four of these because you could easily grab the one you wanted at a glance.

The only downside to these blushes (and in all fairness it's a pretty big downside in my opinion) is the size. I could hardly believe it when I opened it up, maybe it's my own fault for assuming they'd be bigger but I'd have never have expected them to contain such a tiny amount of product- 2.5g which is hardly anything. At £8 each they're not exactly the cheapest either, although luckily I do absolutely love the product itself and would definitely buy more of them even though they're expensive for what they are. I have my eye on 'Healthy Glow' next which is a darker shade of peach.

Have you tried the Bourjois cream blushes? Which is your favourite shade?