Dainty Doll Blush 'My Girl': Swatches and Review

swatch of dainty doll my girl blush for pale skin

Even though I much prefer my peach blushes to pinks, I'm quite partial to wearing this shade by Dainty Doll every now and again. I was immediately intrigued with this brand as it's aimed at pale skinned women- we all know that the English weather isn't exactly ideal for tanning opportunities, and so with most of us walking around like washed-out little ghosts it's great to have a brand that caters for our needs.

The shade I have is 'My Girl' which is a pretty pastel pink with very subtle silver shimmer running through. This translates to the skin as a glowy sheen, rather than a full on disco glitter ball that some cheaper brands can sometimes leave. I do usually prefer matte blushes and bronzers (then to add my own shimmer to the tops of the cheekbones using a highlighter) but I can definitely deal with the slight shimmer in this because it doesn't look unnatural or overdone. The colour is very wearable for the daytime, but if you did want a bit more intensity the pigmentation can be built up quite well. The powder itself is finely milled and blendable, it's obvious by the quality (as well as the £13.50 price tag) that this is a higher end product. The packaging is sleek and has an expensive feel to it, as well as a mirror in the lid. 

I'm really happy with this product, and although I think it's quite pricey there's 7g of product that will last forever, and the quality is beautiful. To find a blush that really does suit pale skin isn't an easy task and so I think it's well worth paying the extra, rather than buying three or four from the highstreet that are way too dark and full of chunky glitter. I wouldn't say this would be for everyone- if you're a bit more daring with your blush colours then I'd recommend looking elsewhere. But this line is designed for pale skin, and so if you're after intense vibrant colours this wouldn't be the brand for you anyway. Edit (April 2013) Dainty Doll products are now being discontinued and are available at just a few pounds each from places like TK Maxx and Fragrance Direct.

Have you tried anything from Dainty Doll? Which brands would you recommend for paler skin?


  1. I really love your review of blusher, its something I wear most days!
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