Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

Excuse me while I shamelessly swoon over this blush, isn't it pretty? I spotted it swatched online, and after promtly recovering from a makeup-induced heart attack it was straight in my virtual basket and on it's way to my house. If you're like me and excited by anything sparkly, brace yourself for this one. This is the first product I've tried from Sleek and I'm kicking myself for not testing them out sooner, if the rest of their makeup is as good as this they'll proudly be taking the title as my new favourite highstreet makeup brand.

This is a peachy pink colour with a LOT of gold glitter, it's extremely highlighting on the skin so I prefer to use it as a highlight rather than an actual blush. Too much of this is going to light up your face light a lightbulb (which is what I immediately did when I first tried it out) so you might need a couple of practice runs in order to get the application just right. A light hand is needed with this one, but it's so pretty I'm willing to spend the extra time with it. There are ten other shades in this range, even though I think this looks the prettiest by far there are a couple of others I'd like to try too. On the Sleek website you can see each of the colours swatched on light, medium and dark skin which is a really good idea and I wish more sites would do. There's a decent amount of product here (8g) and seeing as this is so pigmented you only need a dab I can't ever imagine it running out. Sleek's products are available in Superdrug, or you can buy directly from the Sleek website. I bought mine here from ebay; while it's not advisable to buy makeup from high end brands on places like ebay it's not a problem with less expensive pieces like this- especially as they're less than £5 to buy already!

What do you think of this blush? Can anyone recommend me anything else to try from Sleek?

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  1. omg!!!! I need this!! This is so gorge!! Remind me of Nars Orgasim!

    Thanks ill have to get this!


  2. Oh wow it looks beautiful on you! I bought it the other day, haven't had a chance to wear it though! x

  3. Got me this and the blush trio in lace and i believe the shade in the middle is the exact same...haven't swatched it yet, need to take pics first :D Def looks wonderful on you!

  4. I love this one. I got a similar one from Mac called Springsheen and I love it. Looks so nice on the skin. :-) sleek products seem pretty nice, although I have nt really tried any yet!

  5. You'd think this was a Nars blusher from the inside! So pretty :) xx

  6. so glad you tried it and like it!

  7. Love this blush! I wish I had a few sleek blushes, they all look so nice, but I never want to pay for the international shipping! :(