Model Co Glow Summer Bronze Review

It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, my complexion is pretty corpse like the whole year through; the good old English weather isn't well known for it's tanning opportunities. Even so, I'm not much of a sun worshipper and so to get a bit of colour in my cheeks that doesn't involve endless preparation and application of fake tan has lead me to try out my fair share of bronzers. I love the warmth and colour it can add to the skin, but personally I think finding the right products is difficult- bronzer that will give most people a golden glow will can often make us pale girls look like we've been playing in the mud. I've been trying to hunt down a shade that works, is wearable for daytime and evening and can be applied in a hurry without worrying about looking like a tangerine.

After failing with a few different bronzers from the highstreet I decided to invest in something a bit more expensive in the hopes that the quality and colour would be better. I've seen Model Co products in Boots in the past but have been a bit put off by the price, however I didn't think £22 was too unreasonable for this huge pan of 'Glow Summer Bronze' bronzer. I'm really glad I picked this up because it's the best bronzer I've ever tried. It's not too orangey or muddy and has a really pretty gold shimmer running through, which doesn't look too glittery and is very wearable for both daytime and evening. Despite the shimmer it still contours well if applied with a smaller brush, or can simply be swept under the cheekbones and along the temples on a big brush to give a nice luminescence.

There's a massive 15g of product here, but surprisingly the packaging is still slim- despite holding a lot of product, it isn't bulky and doesn't take up a lot of space. There's a decent sized mirror in the lid, and think the Model Co logo stamped into the actual bronzer is a nice touch. The packaging is a glossy pink, which lets face it, is never a bad thing. I wish I'd remembered to take pictures when it was brand new and smooth, the photos above show it after I've used it constantly for about two months. It's beautifully pigmented and finely milled, blends like a dream and just adds a perfect bronzey glow to the complexion. I really wish the pictures did it more justice, but unfortunately this is the best my camera was prepared to do.

If you're in the market for a new bronzer this is definitely one to consider. I know I'll be repurchasing once it runs out, although it's so big I don't see that happening for a good while! Model Co Bronzing Powder in Summer Bronze costs £22 and is available in Boots, Debenhams and Very.

What's your favourite bronzer?


  1. I like this look of this! Seems a tad on the large side though...haha. Such a lovely colour once blended out, I must say! I never can find a good bronzer but this seems perfect.


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  5. i might buy this now! great review!

  6. This is excellent it reminds me of my favorite Essence Sun Club Bronzer and since it was LE now I can get this since it's very similar :D

  7. It's very very pretty! I always get nervous about bronzers with shimmer in it but this is quite nice

    xoxo Bree
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