Ebay Nail Art Rhinestone Wheels

Ebay rhinestone nail art wheels- £1- £3 available from eBay here.

A while back now, after a case of serious nail envy perusing the beauty pages of Instagram and Pinterest, I had the bright idea of buying myself a load of nail art stuff and creating some amazing designs of my own. Almost a year later, and the fact that it's all hardly been touched is probably a good indication that it didn't go to plan; I suppose my love for intricate and elaborate nail designs paired with my basic skill level was always going to end in sad, sad disappointment. All I want is to be able to create designs with so much complexity and sparkle that looking directly at them induces temporary blindness, is that so much to ask for? While I might not be competing for nail artist of the year just yet, I've discovered a few simple designs that only take a few minutes to do- good news if you're a nail dunce like me. Even if you're short on time they're a great way to spruce up your accent nail if you want your manicure to be a bit more special!

There's about a million different varieties of these rhinestone nail wheels-as with anything on eBay so you can choose whichever size, shape or colour that your little heart desires. I quite like the ones that have a variety of shapes in one wheel, although the small round rhinestones are probably the most versatile. I will admit that when I first bought these I probably spent more time sticking gems onto random items rather than my nails (phone cases, notebooks, my boyfriends computer mouse- yeah I don't think he was impressed) but they do look pretty on the nails and probably look amazing if you have a bit more of an idea of how to create nice designs. Even if you're a nail art newbie these are definitely worth a go, you can see by my examples above that there are lots of quick and easy patterns that require no skill level whatsover. Along with your base colour all you need is a clear nail varnish and a manicure stick or a toothpick to move the gems around on the nails. Don't try and do it with your finger or you'll only smudge it, throw a tantrum and chuck it all in the back of a drawer for a year (ok, maybe that's just me, but learn from my mistake on this one). If you seal the designs in with a top coat the gems should stay stuck for a couple of days before any begin to ping off.

Most of these wheels only cost a pound or two and you get literally hundreds of gems in each one. The only problem is that coming from Hong Kong they do take a few weeks to arrive, although if you order from ebay regularly this will be no doubt something that you're used to.

What are your nail art skills like? Do you ever incorporate rhinestones into your nail art designs?


  1. These are really cute, I like this idea!!

    CateElise xoxo


  2. Love these, I need them in my life, will definitely be ordering!



    P.s. love your blog, new follower!

  3. I ordered one of these wheels the other week, really looking forward to them arriving, your designs look great!

    Neon Bunting

  4. I love these wheels :-) there super cheap and handy to use for pretty nail art, great post xx


  5. These wheels are really cute :) Have the same issue, lots of ideas but to really execute, yes that´s another side of the story.

  6. aww they look so lovely! i really need to get me some as i am always lusting after something like this when i see everyones pictures on instagram! xx

  7. Great idea. I love the ones you have done. Especially the green dotted one. TFS!

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  11. Wow! Too pretty! Lovely post :)



  12. Oh wow, these look like fun! I'm so clumsy when it comes to doing fiddly things, but I really want to get a bit more creative with my nail art. My problem is having to use my left hand to do my right - disaster!
    Mel xx


  13. These are so pretty and I love the colors you paired the rhinestones with! I love ordering nail art from eBay, even though it takes a while you get so much for the prices.

  14. A few months ago I got 'nail envy' as well as decided I was going to buy nail pin wheels and lots of nail art....then my boyfriend snapped me back to reality lol. He knew I get all excited and it quickly fizzles. I am your newest follower from the Share the Love Blog Hop :)

    justina @ http://justinawho.blogspot.com