Rimmel Color Show-Off Lipstick Range

image of Rimmel Colour Show Off lipsticks fragrance direct
image of Rimmel Colour Show Off lipsticks fragrance direct swatches
Rimmel Color Show Off lipsticks- £1.99 available from Fragrance Direct here

Six lipsticks in metallic pink packaging lined up in a row- it's almost too much for me to handle. I was excited when I just had one of these beauties, times that by six and I'm on the verge of falling into a shiny pink state of catatonia. I know these won't be for everyone, but as you can probably guess they're very much up my street; in fact I don't think I could have done a better job designing lipstick I loved more than these myself. They might have been discontinued because the rest of the nation hated them- but rest assured Rimmel, they have one fan right here!

I'd been wanting to get my hands on more of these since trying my first one a while ago, but the last few times I've made an order from Fragrance Direct there have only been one or two in stock. After a particularly crappy day a couple of weeks ago I decided to treat myself to some new things (thank you retail therapy- you've got me through some tough times) and luckily there were a few more of the shades available. I thought this post might be helpful for those of you that have ever eyed these up online; we all know how dodgy Fragrance Directs little example colour pictures are, and I could only find one or two of them swatched on blogs. Despite basically buying the shades without having a clue what I'd be getting, I really like all of them- no weird old lady browns or strange unwearable colours. I'll definitely get my wear from all of these.

Sadly 'Tell No One' was a bit smooshed (technical lipstick term) as it had gone slightly into the lid where the twisty bit (another technical lipstick term, grab your clipboards people I know this scientific jargon is getting complex) was broke. Luckily I managed to fix it and it survived without too much damage- I'm really glad because it's one of my favourites of the bunch. I've mentioned the formula of these in separate reviews here and here so I won't waffle on too much about them again- basically they're gorgeously creamy and velvety, highly pigmented with a fruity scent.

Have you tried Rimmel's Color Show Off lipsticks? Which is your favourite of the six? 

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  1. I have never heard of these. They look really pretty swatched, but I'm not sure how I feel about metallic lipsticks on my lips, lol. The colors are gorgeous though!

    1. the lipsticks are a velvety finish a bit like the Kate Moss lipsticks, it's just the packaging thats metallic! :) xx

  2. I have really been loving Rimmel's lipsticks lately. The colors are gorgeous! I love the Kate Moss line but I haven't been able to get one yet.

    justina @ justinawho.blogspot.com

  3. I haven't tried them. I haven't heard of them until now. They sound great though, and the containers are pretty.

    I'm visiting today from Super Sunday Sync.

  4. I have one of these, and it's a really nice colour that lasts really well on a night out! xx

  5. That Pink Gossip color looks so beautiful !! Bahh, it's too bad I don't have Fragrance Direct over where I live. I keep hearing that they have such great prices!

  6. I haven't tried these Color Show Off ones but I absolutely love the Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks - I will have to give these a whirl!
    Also, I found your blog from the blog hop on Meet Me on the Bright Side's blog :) Now following!
    Check mine out at http://abitgraceful.blogspot.com

  7. Stare at Me is calling my name. Looks like it would be a great neutral or ylbb color. Rimmel makes some great lipsticks.

  8. I love love love Pink Gossip! I'm not sure it it is that bright on the lips, but it's so pretty. I'd probably be too chicken to wear it. I usually just go for the "hey it's my lips but better" look. Bright pink lips would be so fun though.

    These must not be in the the state yet, I haven't heard of them. But, I'm a terrible girl and never know of anything until they've been out a while, so I'm probably wrong.

    Little Red Umbrellas

  9. Red Fever is amazing! I've been in need of a vibrant red lipstick - now I know what to get! Great post!
    Rachael x
    Rachaeleeno | Beauty, Fashion & Thoughts

  10. Pink excess looks gorgeous & the packaging is so cute! Retail therapy has got me through some hard times too ;)
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  11. Your photos are really lovely, I love the red fever shade!x

  12. Ooh, I love Pink Excess and Pink Gossip! They're a bargain on FD too! :)

    Heather xx


  13. Tell no one and Pink gossip.... just gorgeous :)

  14. I love this post- your style of writing is fantastic, I giggled :)
    I've got Pink Gossip, and its been sat in the bottom of my drawer for quite some time now- I think I'll have to give it a new lease of life!

  15. I love the pink cases and the crowns on em.


  16. Thats really hard choosing just one favorite!! I love all of them... Can I find those on drugstore as well?


  17. Love the tell no one!

  18. I really love all of the colours! They look like amazing lipsticks especially considering the price.. I will definitely be picking some up! Thanks for the great blog post :)
    Also I love your blog. I've just started blogging so I'd love it if you could check it out and give me some feed back :)

  19. I don't think I've actually seen these lipsticks in Australia yet. I'm pretty excited to try them out though since they're super pretty colours and Rimmel always does such great lipsticks. Thanks for the lovely post :)


  20. they look amazing! and i love the packaging!

    MY BLOG:Style Bubble

  21. I've never heard of this but I really like the swatches! I can't wait to get these! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

  22. I've never tried these ones but who could resist that packaging!? I think my favourite is Tell No One by a small margin but they all look lurvely. Never shopped on Fragrance Direct for fear of my bank balance but with all this loviness I think I will end up giving in sooner rather than later.

    Much Love

    Leanne | Topazstarz

  23. Wooow I love them...a really musthave.

    Your blog is amazing...follow mine too?

  24. These look gorgeous, I'm in love with the colours! Shames they've been discontinued xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle