M and M Direct Haul- Big Brands With Big Discounts

Photo of short wellies wellington boots shabby chic rose print review
photo of wearing wellies, cute shabby chic rose print short wellington boots
photo of black crochet pumps review
Photo of French connection tree print green scarf review
Photo of French connection tree print green scarf review
No matter how big or small your budget might be, I'm pretty sure everyone gets excited for a good bargain. I was recently introduced to 'M and M Direct' a website with big reductions on big brands (I'm talking about the likes of Ugg, Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker to name a few) and could hardly believe my eyes at the kinds of discounts they were offering. A quick nosey around the site told me that they started as an end of line clearance retailer for sports products way back in 1987, but are now an international discount fashion website with over three million active customers- pretttty impressive. I was given the chance to choose a couple of pieces, here's what I went for!

Board Angels Short Wellies* (RRP: £29.99 M&M Direct Price: £7.99  )
I seriously haven't stopped going on about these since they've been delivered, any fly on my wall could tell you how often the sentence 'I love these little wellies' has come out of my mouth since I got them. Wellies might not be an essential item for everyone but for me they most definitely are, I walk my two dogs for an hour a day in fields that resemble a swamp come autumn- any other footwear doesn't stand a chance. The short length means they're so easy to get on and off, and there's loads of calf room in them if you want to layer up with thick socks underneath (as you do when it gets to December and it's so cold that death seems like a good option). My old Primark wellies were hard to pull off with thick socks on, and the last thing you need when you're covered in mud is standing on one leg pulling a great big muddy wellie off. The blue colour and shabby chic rose print is so cute, and they feel really sturdy and well made. 

Board Angels Crochet Pumps* (RRP: £16.99  M&M Direct Price: £3.99 )
Crochet pumps might be more on the summery side, but I love the design and think they'll still do me well over the autumn (as long as it's not tipping down with rain). I've had these on a lot recently, when I need to pop out to the shop or out for a few hours in the daytime they're an easy choice- they're black so go with everything and are really comfortable. I had a similar pair of these in white which I wore constantly over the summer, but unfortunately my puppy ate one of them (sob). So of course I was glad to have a nicer and better quality replacement in my life, and it's fair to say I've learned my lesson to put my shoes away when I'm done with them!

French Connection Scarf* (RRP: £24.99 M&M Direct Price: £12.99)
I was so excited when I spotted this on the site, the print is absolutely gorgeous and such a great price for a French Connection product. This is an 'oversize' scarf which is my favourite, there's loads of material and it's really poofy and snuggly when you put it on. They also had this in a burnt orange kind of colour which would have been nice for autumn, but I was drawn to the green. The material is lovely you can definitely tell it's from a more expensive brand, not that there's anything wrong with good old Primark scarves (I have loads of them!) but the quality of this feels ten times nicer and I can tell that it will last me for a long time. I live in scarves at this time of year, I feel naked going out without one! 

Have you ever heard of M and M Direct? 
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  1. I love M and M direct! Such bargains to be found on their site! Ps LOVE the wellies!

  2. The wellies are so cute! xx


  3. That scarf is gorgeous!


  4. I have never heard of them, but I am definitely on my way to check them out now. I love the wellies. x

    The Frugality Project

  5. I love those wellies!!! They're sooo pretty!

  6. Those wellies are gorgeous! I need a pair of those! :)


  7. I love those wellies!!! I always get a catalogue from M&M Direct through the door but never think to have a proper look! I might start now I've seen your bargains ha



  8. I'm such a big fan of M and M direct and whenever I get their magazine through the door I go through it and circle everything I want! Speaking of what I want, your scarf is STUNNING. Those colours and the print are truly beautiful - great choice!