Fragrance Friday: Nspa 'Orient' Perfume Review

Nspa Orient Perfume* (50ml) £8 or two for £10 available at Asda

People have been going crazy for these perfumes since their release, and I for one was more than excited to hear that Nspa released three fragrances- especially Orient* a vanilla and musk based scent that's perfect for autumn and winter as it's exactly the sort of fragrance I usually gravitate towards. 

Following the theme of purple orchids on the box, Orient has the same flower design on the back of the glass bottle and it's fair to say they've gone down the route of 'simple yet classy' much like Jo Malone perfume bottles. I originally assumed this would be a very heavy, woody/spicy scent but after a quick skim through the notes it contains I was sold; Nspa describe it as containing 'orchids, ambers and silks with lily, vanilla and musk, infused with essential oil of mandarin.' What it translates to is a gorgeous vanilla based scent, balanced with musk so that it's not too sweet and sickly. Unlike their body mists (which I also love) this is very much a 'proper' perfume, different to the fun and fruity scents of their bath and body products but just as gorgeous as you'd expect from Nspa. 

I like the fact that there are completely different scents in the set, you can also read my reviews for Pure (fresh scent) and Bloom (floral scent) which pretty much covers all bases depending on what you like. Each of them are benchmarked against popular high end fragrances, there's certainly nothing offensive about them and I can imagine all three being the kind of fragrances that a lot of people would like. With Christmas just a few short months away I can't help but think they'd make ideal stocking fillers, or an easy gift for anyone you have a £10-or-less present budget for. I'll happily go out and buy this once it runs out, which at the rate I'm spraying it at shouldn't take long- I love it! Nspa's perfumes retail at just £8 each for a 50ml bottle and can be found in Asda, keep an eye out for next time you're doing the weekly shop!

Which of the three Nspa perfumes would you go for?