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The amount of hair extensions I must have tried in my life- if there was such a thing as a hair extension connoisseur then I'd probably be fit for the title. I've been to and fro from hair extension shops, and made more online hair purchases since I could possibly count after my first encounter with them when I was seventeen. In the eight years I've been wearing hair extensions I can most definitely say that all sets aren't made equal, I've tried the good, the bad, the ugly- some sets I've had have literally looked like Barbie's plasticky old cast offs despite claiming to be 100% human hair (I'm pretty sure some cheaper brands blend their extensions with synthetic, heat-resistent strands to cut down on costs). For the last week or so I've been testing out these deluxe double wefted hair extensions from Xtras, a website of hair heaven selling everything to hair extensions to wigs to hair pieces.  

As soon as I opened these out of the packet I knew they were a good set of extensions, they feel SO soft and are thick all the way to the ends of the hair. A lot of cheaper sets I've used have always tapered out so much at the ends that they look thin and ratty right from the packet, so wearing them straight isn't an option unless you want your hair to look like a stringy mess (mmm sexy). These are gorgeously full and thick and look just as good straight as they do curled- as they're double wefted each piece is twice as thick as a regular set of extensions. Another huge plus point with these is that they come with extremely sturdy clips, any extension wearer will tell you how important this is. Clips that are weak can slide out of your hair (especially in my super fine hair), can pop open throughout the day and can often end up poking out of your hair showing a big obvious clip. You might as well wear a sign saying 'hey everyone, I'm wearing fake hair!' With these once they're clipped in they're not going anywhere, I never have to adjust them throughout the day and it's reassuring to know that they're not going to be sliding out all over the place!

The shade shown above is 22-613 which is listed as a medium/light blonde; this was a bit lighter than the very 'blah' medium blonde shade of my natural hair, but a couple of trusty blonde box dyes later and they were the perfect match. I've been wanting to brighten my hair colour up for a while anyway and am happy with the way that it looks at the moment- quite an achievement seeing as I haven't been to the hairdresser in ratherrr a long time. A set of 18 inch, deluxe double wefted 100% human hair extensions from Xtras is £54.99. If you're a regular hair extension buyer you'll know this is a great price for a set of extensions, especially as they're double wefted with the clips attached. I can genuinely say this is where I'll be buying my extensions from now on!

Do you wear hair extensions? Have you ever heard of Xtras?

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  1. I've tried so many different extensions but not these, they look great especially at that price. Its good they have a double weft too. Off to have a look at them now!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. These look great! They match your hair perfectly too, what a bargain price!

    I've stopped wearing my extensions so much now because I felt like they were damaging my hair, but they're always great for going out to add a bit of glamour :)

    Laura ♥

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  3. They look great! There's nothing worse than bad extensions, but these are perfect for you!

    I have naturally ginger, curly hair so I never thought I'd get extensions to match my hair. I did though, although I can only wear them when I straighten my hair. I love mine, but I need more practice putting them in myself.

    Rachael. X

  4. I have never tried hair extensions before. They always look so fun, but I don't like putting any extra effort into my hair. Are they much of a hassle?

  5. Sucha nice blog! Really good photos. Your hair are absolutely amazing!

  6. Never used hair extensions they freak me out a little bit x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  7. I wouldn't have thought those were extensions, because they match your hair perfectly. I haven't tried extensions, but I was looking into it a while back. Not sure I can keep up with the upkeep though. hehe.

  8. wow they look awesome on you they blend into your hair perfectly! love them. must get some. thanks for sharing this informative post! xx. gigi.

  9. they're so nice and look so real!xx

  10. They blend into your hair very well. Great colour match. I have never tried hair extensions before. I wanted to get weaved into hair extensions once at the hairdressers, but it costed €200 and it would only last 2-3 months. I thought this was too expensive!

  11. The hair extensions look so pretty, Stacey! Didn't look fake at all :D you're stunning! Though I have thick and long hair I still like to look around hair extension stores and purchase some of different Colors. It's really important to have the hair extensions come with sturdy clips as its pretty annoying to fix the clips in the middle
    Of the day during work lol. Thank you for sharing this, Stacey :)


  12. I've had permanent hair extensions in the past and I've used clip-in ones for years, but recently I threw my clip-in ones away as they were old and my hair is very long at the moment. If I use them it's to add volume to my hair rather than length. I would definitely consider buying these as they look great on you! X