Fragrance Friday: Nspa 'Bloom' Perfume Review

A floral based perfume is a bit different to what I'd usually go for; floral fragrances tend to have a bad rep for being overpowering, powdery and bit old fashioned. But if you've ever had a sniff of any of Nspa's products it's kind of obvious that they weren't going to go down that route, and despite being floral based it's a gorgeously light and modern scent- nothing like the eye watering flowery concoctions you might find on grandma's dressing table. In fact, Bloom is benchmarked against the very popular 'Especially Escada' perfume, but is only a fifth of the price making it a very savvy choice!

I'd describe Bloom as a light floral fragrance with a fruity twist; Nspa doesn't mention fruit in any of the notes (rose, jasmine, tuberose and vetiver) although the comparable scent of 'Especially Escada' contains top notes of pear, so personally I think I'm onto something with the fruity undertone. It's sweet smelling and gorgeously girly, making it a really nice choice for an everyday scent. This is actually my very favourite perfume at the moment, while I love both of the other scents in the range there's just something about this one that keeps me coming back for more. The staying power is reasonable but it's not necessarily going to last you the whole day, although that's something you'd expect with it being an EDT.

At the moment there are just three fragrances in this line, but I'm really hoping they eventually release more. I love Nspa products anyway, but after smelling these I think they've done such a good job with them and would love to see what others they come up with. I know that less expensive perfume is usually quite risky territory (unless you want to smell of cat pee) but I can genuinely say they're really nice- you can read my reviews of Pure and Orient find out more. Even if you think you're not a fan of floral perfumes I highly recommend giving this a go, it's lovely!

Have you tried Nspa's fragrance range yet? Does this sound like the kind of scent you'd go for?