Dove Winter Essentials Range

Limited Edition Winter Care Essentials by Dove

Way back in the early days of this blog, I wrote a post declaring my undying love for Dove products. Over a year on, and many many products later that hasn't changed; I stick by the fact that they're one of the nicest and best quality beauty brands on the highstreet. I have lots of their products floating around in my skincare and haircare drawers and if I'm ever running low I always just repurchase without a second thought. While there are loads of beauty brands that I love and use all the time, these are my staples that I'm always 'stocked up' in (anyone else treat their beauty stash as their own little shop?!) When I heard about the new Winter Essentials* line I couldn't wait to give it a go, and I had high hopes of it being just the thing to banish that awful dry and itchy winter skin that can make an appearance at this time of year. Plus just look at that packaging, isn't it pretty!
Everyone needs a hand cream in their bag at this time of year, I can't think of anything worse than being out for the day with uncomfortably dry hands. This is a great little hand cream, as with all Dove products it smells gorgeous (a bit sweeter than their standard soapy scent) and really packs a punch with hydration too. £3.49 is such a bargain price- cheaper than my old faithful Hand Food by Soap and Glory and I like this better.

I'm a huge fan of Dove body lotions, I usually have a couple of varieties on the go any one time (I've not long finished a bottle of their firming lotion- love it). As with all of the Dove skincare lotions I've tried this is highly moisturising but feels lightweight on the skin. It absorbs quickly too, so you're not having to prance around your bedroom in a towel for an hour after a bath waiting for it to soak in.

My favourite product of the three, this is thick, rich and ultra hydrating. I find my lower legs can get a bit dry at this time of year especially after shaving, using this was like instant hydration and immediately got rid of the dry feeling. I like using intense moisturisers like this on my elbows, knees and feet too, just for that extra moisture boost. This is quite a shallow pot but a little definitely goes a long way, I wouldn't be surprised if this lasts me for most of the winter.

Have you tried the Winter Essentials range yet? Are you a fan of Dove products too?


  1. I'm exactly the same as you Stacey - I always have spare products in stock. The packaging of these products is really cute. I'm going to add them to my wish list! Xxx

    Carly's Beauty World

  2. I've tried the hand cream and I love it! I think I may have to try the rest of their range now too!

  3. Winter Care cream looks lovely! I would love to buy it, but I have so many body lotions and I`m very lazy, when it comes to body lotions. I have to use, what I`ve got before I go buying a new one :) I used to love Dove, then I started using different brands. I used to love their shampoo. I must get it again!

  4. I love the winter theme of this! Too bad we won't get that here since we don't have winter, haha.

  5. I haven't really thought that much about Dove but this post makes me want to get all 3 products to try it out! Especially the lotion! Pretty packaging too

    Mlhauken // Beauty, Lifestyle & a bit Fashion