Fragrance Friday: Body Shop Perfume Haul

Sooo I might have gone a bit crazy at the Body Shop when they had their 40% sale on... even to the point that I made an order, then went back for more two days after it all arrived. My perfume collection has well and truly expanded over the last couple of weeks and I've been obsessed with trying out new ones, maybe it's because it's scented candle/ Lush bath season but I'm all about fragrances at the moment. I don't think anything here cost more than a fiver each which is quite good going seeing as The Body Shop can be kind of expensive; I don't think I'd want to pay £8.50- £10 each for these teeny tiny bottles at full price, but when there's a sale on it's well worth stocking up!

Strawberry, Brazil Nut and Cranberry Joy Body Mists (100ml)
It was a nice surprise when I opened these up and saw they were glass, I was expecting standard plastic bottles but these look much nicer. It might have been a spanner in the works if I'd have been planning on taking them out in my bag, but I prefer to use a Travalo rather than take out big bottles of body mist around with me anyway. Cranberry Joy is classed as a 'body, room and linen spritz' although I probably wouldn't use this as a room spray, I use a cranberry plug-in air freshner in my room already and so spraying this around too would be a bit of a waste. Strawberry smells identical to the Strawberry au de toilette perfume shown in the last picture (I can't help to wonder if it's exactly the same formulation in each, they're similarly priced but you get a huge 100ml in the mist and only 30ml in the perfume). It's not a sugary, fake smell like you might expect, but almost smells as if you've been chopping up real strawberries. I had no idea what Brazil Nut was going to smell like but it's nice, kind of sweet and well...nutty! Seems so obvious now...

White Musk Sun Glow(60ml) / White Musk Libertine (30ml)
There's something about the word 'musk' that puts me off (I think it sounds like a sweaty old man, anyone else agree?!) but it's actually a really pretty scent and is what the Body Shop is famous for. Sun Glow was the only perfume that was available in the bigger 60ml size, judging by the name and the fact that it's no longer on the website I take it they were getting rid of old summer stock. Libertine is described as musk with notes of turkish delight, orchid and chantilly cream which I thought sounded just amazing. Both are really nice, of the two I prefer Libertine but will definitely get my wear out of both.

Love Etc and Dreams Unlimited (30ml)
Neither of these seem to be on the site any more, I'm not sure if they've been replaced with their Christmas lines or if they've been discontinued but I managed to snag them in the sale. Love Etc is described as a fruity fragrance with base notes of vanilla and Dreams Unlimited is described as fresh and citrusy. I like both of these, and think they have the nicest packaging of all of the perfumes I bought too. 

Strawberry/ Coconut/ Honeymania/ Chocomania (30ml)
There's something addictive about these little bottles, I'm starting to wish I'd got more of them now and will definitely snap more scents up next time there's a sale on. They look really cute, and if you like carrying perfume around with you in your bag these would be perfect as they're so small. Coconut is such a summery/ holiday smell, a spritz of this and you feel like you're stood under a coconut tree on a tropical beach (a bit depressing when you realise your in rainy old England with any glimpse of a summer holiday a long way off, but it does smell nice). I'll probably wear this and Strawberry a lot over the summer when it rolls back around. Chocomania was a curiosity purchase more than anything; it smells like cocoa butter which I love, it's a bit overpowering on first application but once it dries down a bit you're good to go. I also bought Honeymania (not pictured) which I thought was absolutely horrible, it's the only thing from this haul that I didn't like. I was expecting a sweet honey scent with maybe a slight fruity undertone? What it actually smelled like was very heavy flowers, I even had to wash it from my wrists after applying it where I disliked it that much. But aside from that, I'm loving everything else!

What's your favourite perfume from The Body Shop? Did you take advantage of the sale?


  1. I think I need to start wearing fragrances. Growing up I could never wear any and my mom couldn't keep any in the house because my dad has really intense allergies to almost all scents and it would also set off his asthma, so I never wore them. I couldn't even try them on in stores because I would have to eventually go home. I'm free of that now, so maybe it's time to start!

    1. Kat, I can definitely relate. It was the same case with my dad, too. :-( Imagine how crazy I went the minute I moved out for college; we're talking about my college apartment being filled with perfumes, scented candles, scented goods, etc., etc. I felt so free for the first time!

      I hope that you'll find fragrances that you like, but be careful -- it IS an expensive habit. :-)

    2. Haha, it's so funny that both of you had dads with allergies because mine did too! I don't have a ton of perfume because it can be a bit of an expensive habit, but I do burn scented candles with reckless abandon in my own home, lol.

  2. this is a lovely haul!
    thank you for sharing!! :)

  3. Wow - I had no idea that The Body Shop has such a huge array of fragrances! Thanks :) x

    EmmaBelleFashion | Twitter

  4. Wow!! What an incredible selection! I'm heading straight into the Body Shop tomorrow! Lovely post :-) xxx

  5. Wow what a collection you have :) I love the body shops Must scents, there my fave. Shame huneymania didn't smell of actual honey, that's the one I would be most excited to try but not now :/
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  6. Goodies! :)
    Love your post!

  7. I fancy the honey products, a shame the spray wasn't so good for you! I have the coconut, and the satsuma spray, love the coconut, the satsuma one reminds me of calpol but I still like it! SHould have gone for the offer!

  8. Oh my god i love the body shop scents!! white musk libertine, coconut mist and strawberry are my faves. Chocomania is my fave range by the bodyshop but i am yet to try out the scent of it! will need to i thinks :D

    I have recently started blogging again and would appreciate any support :) xxx

  9. I do love the Summer Glow bottle it is so pretty x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  10. i love the musk fragrance. i really need to try more body shop fragrances!

    enjoy your weekend:-)
    zofia xo

  11. Oh, dear, those look absolutely scrumptious!

    My two most favorite perfumes from TBS, of all time, are White Musk and Oceanus (discontinued now, sadly). As far as white musk renditions go, I feel that TBS makes the best. :-)

  12. Wow that's a lot of fragrances! I don't have any fragrances. Every time I go to the Body Shop website, I can't decide what I want, haha!

  13. That`s a massive haul :D I don`t think, that I would ever buy so much perfume at once. I`ve never tried The Body Shop perfumes, but I tried other few things and they were lovely.

  14. So many! I'd love to try the Brazil Nut body mist.

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync.

  15. I've tried the coconut one and it's quite nice but I find it gets a little too sweet at times. I've always tried the Honeymania one and I totally agree that it's very floral, I'm not a fan of that one. I really want to try the strawberry one.

  16. Ah you took full advantage of the sale too - it would have been rude not to. I bought the coconut perfume a few months back and oh my gosh it was vile - I don't know what it was, but it definitely wasn't coconut haha!!! xx

    Gemma //