Fragrance Friday: Nspa's 'Pure' Perfume Review

If you caught my reviews for Nspa's Orient and Bloom, you might have guessed that it wouldn't be long until this one made an appearance. 'Pure' is the fresh fragrance of the three, and is benchmarked against it's namesake Pure by DKNY. I'm sure people will criticise the fact that Nspa have gone with similar scents to higher end brands but personally I think it was a really good move; buying cheaper perfume can be risky business, but this way you know you're getting something similar to a popular designer fragrance. At the tiny price of £8 they're perfect additions to any perfume collection without breaking the bank, or to pop in a Christmas stocking in a few weeks time.

Pure contains notes of lotus flower, freesia, jasmine and sandalwood. I don't know about you but from that description I'd have thought it would be really floral smelling, it's not the case though as there's nothing flowery about it at all. Nspa describe it as a clean and uplifting aroma, with aquatic auras and beach breezes. I'd say that was a pretty good description, it's definitely more of a clean daytime scent than the warm notes of Orient. Pure seems less 'girly' than the other two, it's still really light and feminine but if you're not into floral or sweet fragrances this will be the one to go for. I love the simple streamlined packaging of these and think they look really nice next to my other perfumes, Pure comes in a pretty turquoise bottle which is fitting with the 'sea breeze' theme. While the other two bottles have flowers on the back of the bottle, Pure has a surf/ wave design. 

Each of Nspa's three perfumes smell completely different and each bring something different to your perfume collection. While this is an easy to wear daytime scent for any season, for me this is going to be particularly nice over the spring and summer.  If you're looking to try out some new scents without breaking the bank, you can't go wrong with these by Nspa!

Have you tried Nspa's perfumes yet? Which is your favourite?