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Since I was about eighteen I've suffered from a weird breakout on my cheek that comes and goes every so often. For the most part it's red bumps that never really come to much, and I don't tend to complain about it because it's easily covered with makeup. But every now and again this thing goes insane and flares up into about six angry looking blemishes, it's strange because aside from that I'd consider my skin to be quite good- I never really even suffered with skin problems as a teenager. I've spent a fair amount of time looking into what this could be- I keep my pillowcases and phone hygenic, I remove my makeup every night (aside from the odd 'come home drunk and fall into bed' although that's not even very often these days!) I've even looked into 'face mapping' where breakouts on the face are said to correspond with problems inside the body; but the cheeks correspond with lungs, and as far as I know my lungs are completely healthy and I've never smoked in my life. The thing is a mystery! When I was given the chance to try Salcura Antiac skincare line I was interested to see if it would make any difference, and get rid of this mysterious little patch of blemishes once and for all.

Daily Face Wipes (£6.99)
I know that the mere suggestion of face wipes will have skincare junkies running for the hills, but these contain no nasty ingredients so won't have your skin feeling stripped and sensitive like most face wipes (eek, isn't that just the worst feeling ever?) I've been using the skincare wipes in the mornings, they contain a lot of moisture so you can really get in there and clear any excess oils that have accumulated throughout the night. They're said to remove 'hardened sebum from the pores' (eww!) which is great, as it's that's what leads to enlarged pores and further breakouts. While £6.99 might be more than you're used to spending on wipes, unlike generic skincare wipes these contain ingredients that are going to actively calm your breakout rather than aggravate it. 

Daily Face Wash (£8.49)
The face wash is light and unscented, and as with the face wipes doesn't leave your skin feeling dry. Face wipes and washes are usually the worst culprits when it comes to leaving the skin tight and raw (especially products geared towards clearing breakouts). It lathers up well and has all of the residual makeup, oils and general gunk off your face in a jiffy. All of the products contain an ingredient called Sea Buckthorn Oil which reduces inflammation, calms and soothes skin and nourishes skin cells. They also contain no harsh ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide so are safe for all ages and skin types.

The Activ Liquid Spray neutralises many types of bacteria, which not only helps to clear up existing breakouts but also prevents new ones from forming. The spray itself is quite cooling and refreshing, I use it in my skincare routine in the place of a toner. While it's likely to have been a combination of these products that have cleared up my skin, personally I think it's this product that's made the most difference. I'd highly recommend trying all four products together, but if you were just to try one it should be this in my opinion. It's quick and easy to use and doesn't leave any oil or residue on the skin.

Activ Gel Serum (£8.99)
This is a targeted spot fighter that's said to show visible results after just four hours. I think if you're the kind of person who has otherwise quite good skin with the occasional flare up this would be ideal and would last you for ages. I've been using the liquid spray is for the main breakout  area and the serum just on the most noticeable blemishes. As with the spray it feels soothing on the skin and does get to work pretty quickly; personally I didn't notice any difference within four hours, but by the next day the redness had gone down quite a bit.

These are all available to buy separately, which is handy if there are certain products you're looking to incorporate into your existing skincare routine. They're also split into two categories, the 'daily' range (the face wash and wipes)- to be used, well.. daily, and the 'activ' range (spray and serum) which are geared to more stubborn and severe breakouts. This range really has helped to clear up my skin, and considering I've tried a lot of different skincare products over the last couple of years and nothing else has worked as well I'd say that was pretty amazing. If you're struggling with a similar skincare complaint to me (or just breakouts in general) I highly recommend this line.

What's the best blemish-fighting product you've ever tried?
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  1. Wow amazing results! I would love to give this kit a go. xx

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  2. Never heard of this brand but then again I am in Canada so maybe we don't have it. Looks like you got great results. I get the odd pimples and bumps on my cheeks too but with the right products and a lot of natural ingredients I have been keeping them away too, so yayy us! lol :)


  3. That looks so good - you must be thrilled with the results!
    Kat x