My Most Worn Nail Polishes of 2013


Brace yourselves, it's another 'favourites of 2013' post. I apologise, I know this is the bajillionth (clearly a legit unit of measurement) one you've probably seen this year so far, but I've been sorting out my nail polishes for the upcoming months and I thought these deserved a bit of a mention. If you're not all 'favourites of 2013'd out' I also have a post where I spoke about my most loved makeup items here. On to the polishes!

I'd say this was favourite polish of 2013, and maybe even my all time favourite ever. Something about this shade just pleases me greatly; it's pretty, looks nice on the hands and I think just makes the nails look nice and well kept without making a massive statement. The formula of Essie polishes is top notch, this lasts a good few days without chipping and the wide brush means it applies quickly and streak free. It's everything I could want in a nail polish- I have to hand it to you Essie you make a damn good polish!

It's not the first time I've spoken about this beauty on here, so I'll try and keep it brief. Easily my favourite top coat of 2013, it looks amazing over any base coat and gives you a nice dose of sparkle without looking toooo tacky or garish. I particularly like this one with Essie's Bond With Whomever (above) although I wore it a lot over dark purples and burgundys this autumn/ winter.

This was one of my most worn polishes in the summer of 2013, at the turn of the season (like every stereotypical beauty blogger) I went crazy for this peachy/ coral shade. It looks nicer against my skin tone than more vibrant peachy shades like Barry M's Papaya, and although it's a bit streaky without a couple of coats I love the overall colour. 

When I'm feeling like only a girly and vibrant nail polish will do, I gravatate to this by Jacava. I haven't had it for too long but have had a lot of use out of it since I got it in my clutches. Unlike most nail polishes the brush reaches right to the bottom of the bottle, and it's free of a load of nasty ingredients that you'd find lurking in most other brands. It's bright, it's pink and it's shimmery- girly girls of the world rejoice with me. 

This is one that sits lonely and abandoned in my nail polish stash until December rolls around, and then I can't leave it alone. Barry M's Red Glitter is my favourite festive shade, I know it's Christmas when I see this on my nails. Everyone needs a gaudy red glitter polish in their life for the festive months! 

What were your most worn nail polishes of 2013? Have you tried any of these?
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  1. So pretty, I love pastel shades and what a lot of Models Own ones last year x

    Catherines Loves

  2. I've not come across that Essie shade before, it's beautiful!

  3. Love that Essie Shade! and Revlon Stunning is gorg...reminds me a bit of rimmel space dust x

  4. I love the look of Revlon Stunning, I am such a sucker for a glitter top coat!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Pretty colours :) They look so much better on the nail, than in the bottle.

  6. Stunning is my favorite here! So gorgeous!


  7. I love Barry M Red Glitter and I haven't used it once this year! My festive nails consisted of Santas and red nails with a gold polish. Think that's a sign I have too many because it's been neglectd.

    Rachael. X

  8. These are all so pretty! Love Stunning and Peach Melba! I can't even remember what polishes I used the most last year, lol.

  9. I really would like to get a nice lilac/lavender nail polish, and my favorite nail polish of 2013 was Celestial by Topshop. I never knew they would have such great quality nail polishes, but they are truly so opaque and nicely colored! Cute blog :)