Argan Sublime: Argan Oil Elixr Review

Argan Oil Elixr*: £11.99 

If I'd have never started reading beauty blogs, hair oil isn't a product I'd have considered using in a million years. I can't ever imagine being sat there one day and thinking 'hey, I know! Lets slather some oil into my already-prone-to-getting-greasy hair, I'm sure that will make me look fab!' The last thing that was on my mind was loading it up with products- least of all...dun dun dunnnn OIL; I'd have considered it the ultimate fine hair sin. But oh boy was I wrong- and while I still think it's nothing short of magic that I can put oil on my hair without it looking greasy, almost a year on it's an integral part of my routine and I apply the stuff religiously. The latest oil that I've been using to shiny-up my hair is this Argan Oil Elixr by a brand called Argan Sublime.

First and foremost, this smells actually amazing. I don't know about you but I find it particularly pleasing when products smell nice (might explain my scented candle/ Lush bath addiction) and they automatically rack up a few brownie points before I've even tried them out. This has a sweet smell that lingers in the hair for a good few hours, I kept forgetting about it then catching the scent every now and again like 'what's that amazing smell? Oh, it's me!' (and let me tell you, that's one phrase guaranteed to make you look vain as hell in front of other people- oops!) Some hair oils I've used in the past have made my hair sticky and crispy, but thankfully this feels gorgeously light and absorbs perfectly without any horrible residue. It definitely delivers on moisture too, my thirsty bleached hair has been more than appreciative. Argan Oil Elixr is described as a 'multi use, beautifying hair oil containing exotic ingredients' but the good thing about this one is that it does actually contain argan oil. It might seem like an obvious observation, but a lot of less expensive hair oils contain no argan oil at all which is the ingredient that's going to make the most difference. While budget hair oils without argan oil will still nourish the hair and protect from brushing damage etc, it's well worth checking the ingredients rather than assuming all hair oils will have it in.

Overall I'm loving using this, not only is it like perfume for the hair but it leaves it looking sleek and feeling hydrated too. If I'm being really picky I'd have preferred a glass bottle rather than plastic, but that's of course no reflection of what's inside. Plus the £11.99 price is a lot less expensive than you'd pay for something like Morroccan oil, and the 100ml bottle is a good size that will last literally for months.  

What's your favourite hair oil at the moment? 


  1. I haven't heard of this before...but it sounds like a good deal....I am in love with my Morroccan but I can still keep my eyes peeled for other alternatives!!

  2. This sounds lovely, I love scented products too haha! I am always looking for new haircare products to try and keep my frizz at bay, another one to add to the ever growing wishlist! xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty

  3. I'm using VO5's Nourish my shine oil. It also has Argan Oil in it. I guess what percentage of this is in it will make a massive difference too. I would like to try the Argan Sublime brand. X

  4. I've wanted to try Argan Oil for a while now
    And I'm so going to get some next time I'm in town
    Rachel XX

  5. Argan oil is seriously great for the hair and the skin. I've been using the one from pro naturals, and my hair has never looked better!

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