Ted Baker Tinicon Small Bow Bag Review

Ted Baker Tinicon Small Bow Bag*: £23.19 available here from Surfdome

Oh hello there, most beautiful yet difficult to photograph bag in the world. Shiny things- another thing to add to my list of photography 'can'ts', hopefully you'll still able to appreciate this thing of patent pink beauty. I'm obsessed with this range of bags from Ted Baker, and had a serious case of 'the blogger made me want it' ever since they started cropping up on wishlists a while back. I finally got in on the action with the gorgeous Jakko makeup bag at Christmas, and had my eye on the matching pieces in the range ever since.

It was love at first sight when I spotted the Tinicon bow bags, if like me you appreciate the pretty and girly things in life I'm sure you'll see why; it's small, it's cute, it's pastel- the perfect 'relaxed yet sophisticated' bag for spring and summer time. The fact that it matches my makeup bag pleases me more than it probably should, and I find something extremely satisfying about seeing them next to each other (I'd quite like the matching ipad case too but think that would be overkill). Even though it's pink the colour is quite subtle, so will brighten up any plain outfit nicely without being too garish. As you'd expect with a Ted Baker bag the quality is really nice; the handles are firmly attached, and the material feels like it will hold up well to the general wear and tear that the average handbag goes through. The only downside is that there's no zip or fastening and is just open like your standard tote/shopper bag, but is still great for day to day use. I've found that as long as you don't overload it there's no problems with stuff toppling out everywhere, but they do a bigger size too if you just can't bear to downsize your handbag essentials.

I'm thrilled with my newest piece of arm candy, and once I'm finished using it as a handbag I'll probably use it to store beauty products in my bedroom (something this pretty should be out on show!) At under £30 they're really affordable, this one is currently a bargainous £23.19 from Surfdome which a brilliant price for any handbag these days let alone one from Ted baker. You can check out their website for more amazing deals on designer items.

Do you own anything from Ted Baker?
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  1. this bag is absolutely adorable. I wish I could find this in Canada :)

  2. I love the small makeup bag aswell!
    I am still inlove with my Ted Baker purse, it's my pride and joy!!
    Estelle x

  3. Such a great set! Absolutely gorgeous.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

  4. I don't, but your post make me want it so bad haha :)

    Love, Cami
    xx LeMondeDeCami.blogspot.com

  5. I have a slight addiction to ted - 3 bags, an iPad case (which can be used as a clutch as it's beautiful) a make up bag & purse - I've found with these totes don't put too heavy items in there as one of the handles came off :( I just took it back into Williams & Griffins and they exchanged it for me. This bag is gorgeous I may have to make another purchase xxxx

  6. this is so pretty, I wonder if it is available in the US?

  7. I am uh-bsessed with anything pastel pink right now! Such a great piece for Spring :)

    Georgina x http://bakeitblonde.blogspot.co.uk/

  8. These are so cute! I love the make up bag

    Katie x

  9. Such a cute bag and the colors are perfect for spring!


  10. What a pretty bag!

  11. I'm a bit obsessed with Ted baker bags and have quite a few. I love the block colours and glossiness of them. This pale pink is so pretty, and going straight on my wish list!