Yves Rocher Lipstick and Mascara Duo From Baobella Boutique

Yves Rocher Lipstick and Mascara* £10.99 from Baobella (70% of RRP)

I've heard mentions of Baobella Boutique on blogs before but had never actually clicked through to find out more- and I have to admit I'm kicking myself a bit now. I'm never one to turn my nose up at a beauty bargain, and so a site full of timed and limited availability deals (where you can snag products with huge discounts) was a welcomed addition to my beauty bookmarks. I was given the chance to review this very posh looking lipstick and mascara duo from Baobella, this was my first time trying anything from Yves Rocher and so I was eager to get stuck in!

Grande Rouge Rose Ecquivoque Lipstick
First off the packaging is just gorgeous, I absolutely love the colour and shape of the tube. The lipstick itself is a fairly unique colour, it's not your run of the mill red or dark nude. In all honesty I'd have probably never chosen this shade myself because of how brown toned it looks in the bullet (never a good colour for pale skin!) however I was pleasantly surprised once I swatched it and tried it on. It's much more wearable coral shade- more of an 'earthy red' than the brown I was expecting. While I don't think this will become a go-to lipstick colour for me, I think the warmer toned red will be nice over the summertime with a bit of fake tan. The formula is a dream; it's creamy, applies beautifully and lasts well on the lips. I'm definitely intrigued by some of their other lipsticks, and would love to try out one of the pinks or corals from this range.

Volume Vertige Mascara
Comb wands are my all time favourite mascara wands, and so I was really excited to get my hands on this. I'm generally quite picky with mascara and have a nightmare finding ones that I like, I'm a total false lash fiend and so in comparison I just find mascara to be annoying to apply and never give the finish that I'm after. However I do really like this one, the comb wand separates the lashes really nicely (without turning them into deformed spider legs) and gives them a decent amount of volume. The formulation is quite wet, but once it dries off it lasts well and doesn't flake off or smudge within a few hours. The picture above shows my lashes after one coat, but it can be built up for a more dramatic effect without it going too clumpy.

You can view Baobellas exclusive daily offers here.
Have you heard of Baobella Boutique?


  1. I've heard of Baobella, but like you, never actually tried to find out more. Probably going to check it out now, lol. I think that lipstick looks super pretty! It's definitely something different, but looks so nice against your skin tone. :)

  2. Love the color of lipstick, looks really nice! The mascara is great, love the length of your eyelashes with it!

  3. Great post! i've never heard of Baobella but they look like a pretty good brand. Also i love the colour of that lipstick it's so beautiful! x

    Sarah | http://morrallofthestory.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. You have pretty eyes!


  5. Very nice lipstick shade, it has a nice sheen to it.


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  7. never heard of this brand before but the lipstick colour looks very pretty ;)
    Melissa x