Andrew Barton 'Blondes Have More Fun' Heat Protectant Review

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Andrew Barton 'Blondes Have More Fun' heat protectant £3.90* available at Asda

Blondes might supposedly have more fun- but I'm sure any of you with lightened locks will know that it's not always fun and games when it comes to maintaining the colour and condition! I have fine, bleached hair and keeping it in good condition definitely means going the extra mile when it comes to looking after it. Regular deep conditioning treatments, argan oil through the ends after every wash and always protecting against heat are some of the ways I've managed to prevent my hair from ending up like a pile of lifeless straw. All it takes is getting a bit heavy handed with the heat styling tools for hair to quickly start showing signs of damage, and so heat protectant should be a staple in everyone's haircare routine- especially bleached blondes!

I've tried quite a few Andrew Barton products over the last year or two and overall have found the quality to be excellent, a couple of products (namely his 'Last Another Day' dry shampoo and 'Hair SOS' leave in conditioner) are products I've repurchased over and over. I'm never too adventurous with my choice of heat protectant and for quite a long time have been buying Tresemme's Heat Defense, however this one by Andrew Barton has been a welcomed new addition to my routine. It sprays much more finely into the hair than Tresemme's and feels lighter too- and what's more, it smells like lemon sherbert...amazing!

Because you can't really tell if heat protectant spray is working in the short run, it can be tempting to skip it- but my advice is that it's well worth taking those few extra seconds to incorporate one into your routine. I can safely say that in recent years since I've been using heat protectant, my hair is much healthier, smoother and way less prone to breakage and split ends (great news if like me you're growing out your hair) Even if you don't touch your hair with heat styling tools a product like this is essential for the spring and summer anyway, the sun's rays are enough to frazzle and dry out hair if you're sat outside. A quick spray through with this and you're safe in the knowledge that your hair is protected.

Are you good at remembering to use heat protectant? 


  1. I use heat protectant, but only because it really emphasizes the glossiness on dark hair. I remember to use it most of the time, lol. Chic and Alluring Blog

    1. That's one thing I miss about dark hair, the glossiness! You just cant get the same shine on blonde hair x

  2. love the name! I've been looking for a good heat protectant this may be something to look at! thanks for sharing your review! xx. gigi.

  3. I've never heard of Andrew Barton products, I'd love to know if he has a range for brunettes because I really don't have the balls to dye my hair blonde, no matter how much I want to! :')

    Ellie xx |

  4. I really need to pick up a new heat protectant because I really don't care for the one I'm using right now. Thanks for sharing this one! I'll keep my eyes peeled for it.
    Kallie - But First Coffee

  5. We love our tresemme heat protectant, but we're always looking for new products to try. We'll have to see if there is one for us brunettes!

  6. I always forget to use heat protectant so I've started keeping it next to my straighteners in a bid to use it more :-)

  7. It's annoying that you can't really tell if heat protectants are doing their job, but you can tell if they're easy to use and skin in quick- sounds like this one ticks all those boxes! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog