My Pamper Night Essentials

I looked in the mirror the other day and knew I was due for a bit of a pamper evening; my hair felt lifeless, my skin looked dull and the nail polish on my toes had quite frankly seen better days. To be fair I'd had a busy and hectic week- most days were quick morning showers rather than long relaxing baths, and even managing to take my makeup off before falling into bed most nights was worthy of a pat on the back. I'd been left feeling (and looking) a bit rough, but after a relaxing night of pampering and I felt a million times better. It got me thinking about some of my 'pamper night essentials'; while most of the specific products that I use change depending on what I have in at the time, these are a few things that make for a great, relaxing night to unwind and de-stress! 

I don't know what it is about deliciously scented, overpriced hunks of wax but I absolutely love the things. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, I have to have a lovely scent burning away in the evenings. Yankee are definitely my brand of choice, I love treating myself to a new one every now and again and often ask for them for Christmasses and birthdays too. You can't have a pamper evening without a couple of candles; I'm saving money and budgeting this year and so have been buying their wax tarts to put in my little wax burner instead- very handy as they throw off as much scent as a candle and you can mix and match scents without spending a fortune.

I think the older you get, the better wine seems to taste? I used to drink it now and again on nights out in uni and thought it tasted revolting but it's definitely grown on me as I've got a bit older (unless you're talking about £3 supermarket stuff which lets face it is always going to taste like vinegar!) If I'm having a pamper night with a couple of friends we often get a bottle of wine in- a recent survey showed that people drink on average of 2.7 glasses of wine per night which seems crazy to me? Think they might need to 'talk to Frank!'

Bath Bombs/ Bubble Bath
While it's not exactly budget friendly to be chucking Lush bath bombs into every midweek bath, they're definitely nice for a bit of a treat and I always save mine for pamper evenings. Two of my favourites are 'Think Pink' and 'Butterball', although I do tend to go a bit crazy for the limited edition seasonal products whenever they're available. I seriously need to get my hands on some of their Easter goodies!

Hair/ Face Mask
Relaxing nights in like this are the perfect time to give your hair a well deserved treat. My hair treatment of choice is coconut oil (Superdrug's little £2 version works a treat) and sweet almond oil melted down in the microwave then applied to the hair and scalp an hour or so before a bath. Once I've washed my hair I then use either a Herbal Essences or Tresemme masque for a further five minutes. My face mask of choice at the moment is Palmers Cocoa Butter face mask, I picked this up last weekend for just a few pounds but it works amazingly well!

Hand/ Feet Treatments
I think that most of us are probably a bit guilty of neglecting our hands and feet on a regular basis, I know I am. I usually slap a bit of hand cream on a couple of times a week and give my feet a once over with a Ped Egg but that's about it. Pamper nights are a good opportunity to pull out the old hand and feet treatment products, I have a tonne of accumulated 'peppermint foot scrub' style products, hand creams and cuticle butters so have no excuse really. If you're going all out, can even do the classic 'foot cream then wrap your feet in cling film until it soaks in' trick. It really works!

What are your pamper night essentials?

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  1. Great post, I am with you on all the fabulous scents and the wine lol


  2. Love the look of the Vanilla Birthday Cake shower gel, I bet it smells amazing!

  3. Hello, I was just browsing blogs & I stumbled on your blog - It is really amazing! I love the posts you do! Nothing like a great blog, look forward to reading more posts :) best wishes! Followed you on GFC :)

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  5. Great post! Sounds like an amazing pamper night! Wine is always an essential and Lush products are amazing also!


  6. I have just got into candles recently and just tried a wax tart and they are such good value. The smell you get from them is insane. I think candles are a lovely treat, they make the room so homely. I have them on everyday and they are a must for relaxing and pampering, especially when in the bath!

  7. I just love the hair doctor mask by lush its so refreshing and such a luxury <3 lovely picks here xx
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  8. There is nothing better than a yankee candle. Which is your favourite? x