New Products From George Cosmetics

george cream blush, george creme blush coral, george matte lipstick, smooch, asda
george matte lipstick, smooch, asda
george cream blush, george creme blush coral, asda
george cream blush, george creme blush coral, george matte lipstick, smooch, asda, swatch
George Creme Blush*: £3.00 / George Matte Lipstick*: £3.00 available from Asda Direct

Oooh new makeup products from George! I've been using George makeup for years now, I've recommended countless products to my friends and have even got my mum (who usually goes for higher end products) hooked on their Ultra Sheer foundation. I was obviously really excited to hear about some new releases for spring, a gorgeous selection of cream blushes, matte lipsticks and gloss/stains, oh yeah! I'm sure most of us are switching out our most used makeup products at the moment, now that spring has finally arrived it's all about brighter lips, lighter bases and an overall fresher look. These two products will be great new additions to any spring makeup routine- I know I'll be using them both a lot!

Creme Blush (Coral)
Cream blushes are always a summer staple, they create that dewy 'summer glow' and sit nicely on the skin even on warm days (as opposed to powder which can be a bit...well, powdery). This has quickly become one of my favourite George products and if you're going to pick up one thing from the range I definitely recommend this. The pigmentation is unreal- one tiny tab is all you need, yet the finish on the skin is very natural looking. The formula is beautiful, it's amazingly creamy and blends seamlessly into the skin;  it's definitely not a 'cream to powder' finish, but does set after a few minutes so that it's not sliding everywhere. George cream blushes come in their standard black and clear packaging, I think it would have been nice to see something a bit more adventurous but it's sturdy enough and does the job. This product has really impressed me, it's absolutely perfect for the spring and summer and such a bargain.

Matte Lipstick (Smooch)
There are few things that make me happier than new lipstick, and this matte offering from George certainly didn't disappoint. A lovely peachy nude shade, really wearable and a long lasting yet comfortable formulation. I'd describe this as more of a satin/ semi matte than true matte as it does have a slight shine to it, and isn't half as drying as some of the other mattes in my collection. I can see this becoming one of my most used lip products this spring, I love how it looks with the coral creme blush and while it's quite a muted colour it's not so pale that you need really heavy eye makeup to balance it out. The packaging of this is quite cool too, rather than a pull off lid you press the bottom of the tube which pops out the silver lipstick mechanism from the outer packaging.

What new makeup products have you got your eye on for spring?


  1. I never even look at George makeup - I don't know why! Love the look of the blush

    Kayleigh xo
    Ruffles and Rabbits

  2. These look great, beautiful colours!
    Rachel XX

  3. The lipstick is gorgeous! The big Asda is so out of the way for me I hardly ever go, will make sure I do stop by the beauty products next time I'm there :) xx

  4. I've been struggling so hard to find cream blushes for my kit, but never been able to find nice colours...I'll definitely give these a try!


  5. The pigmentation of these is so good! xx

  6. I wasn't convinced by the lipstick but then I saw the swatch and it's absolutely gorgeous! Like you said, both that and the cream blusher make a lovely pair! :)

    Ellie xx |

  7. Ooo these colors are so pretty! Those lipsticks look really beautiful, and the blush as well. Nice post! (:

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  8. I love bargain make-up like this!!
    Kirstie x

  9. Oh, gosh, I've never heard of George makeup until now. For some reason, most of the blogs that I subscribe to are UK blogs (probably because I love to read things written by people from far away!), and I always feel like I'm missing out on the coolest things.

    Right now, my latest favorite Spring look is red lipstick. Granted, I don't think that's the trend right now, though. I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in the States, apparently the trend is coral/orange lipsticks. Chic and Alluring Blog