Budget Cream Blushes: My Top Three

At the first hint of the warmer weather this year, I'm sure cream blushes across the world began migrating from the backs of drawers and into the makeup bags of beauty lovers- I know mine did! Sunny days and cream blush were just made for each other; as much as I love my powder blushes some days they just don't cut it, when you want that 'fresh faced and radiant' looking glow to the skin cream blush is the way to go.  If you're looking for something bright and dewy on the cheeks for over the next few months, here are some of my recommendations for cream blushes that won't break the bank. These three are all completely different too, and so cover all bases depending on what you're after!

Bourjois Cream Blush (01 Nude Velvet)
If you like the idea of a cream blush but don't want to go too dewy on the cheeks, this is the perfect one to try. These little cream blushes caused quite the storm in the beauty world last year, and they're probably my favourite product that Bourjois has ever released. Despite still being a beautiful cream blush, the finish on the skin is much more matte- ideal if you have oilier skin or are terrified of looking as shiny as a new penny by mid afternoon. The texture is velvety and smooth and this colour is just beautiful, definitely more of a true peach than coral which anyone with naturally pink undertones (I feel your pain) will appreciate. This is a firm staple in my everyday makeup routine for spring and summer.

Dainty Doll (Orange County Girl)
Once a higher end makeup brand, Dainty Doll products were discontinued last year meaning you can now grab them for just a few pounds on places like Fragrance Direct and eBay. If you're a fan of Sleek's Rose Gold or Nars Orgasm blushes then this is one to scour out; it's in the same family of peachy pink blushes with gold shimmer. This is a nice one to stipple onto the tops of the cheekbones for a peachy highlighted glow, and while you have to be careful not to go overboard (due to the glitter!) it looks beautiful when done right.

George Creme Blush (No2 Coral*)
These new cream blushes from George have seriously impressed me, next time you're in Asda they're well worth having a little look. To me this is a true cream blush, it's not a 'cream to powder' and the formulation is quite wet and glossy. If you have dry skin this would be just the product to perk up your complexion, and while they don't dry down to a powder finish, they do eventually set onto the skin so that they're not slipping around everywhere. I'm obsessed with the colour of this one, and despite being so vibrant it applies much more sheerly to the skin making it really easy to apply and wear.

Do you have a favourite cream blush?


  1. Such pretty shades, need to go buy one :)

  2. The blushes are so pretty it makes me wanna have them all!
    Z ♥


  3. As if George do makeup, never knew that! Cream blushes are my favourite blushes ever, gorgeous colours you've picked up there!xxx
    Katherine Rose | Uk Beauty Blog

  4. The Dainty Doll blush is gorgeous, it looks similar in shade to the Sleek Rose Gold blush! But a little more pink!

    Laura x

  5. Gorgeous picks! I love Dainty Doll the best. The color is beautiful and it has a hint of sparkle as well!

  6. Very nice picks :) :) Dainty Doll looks stunning :)


  7. Nude velvet is a gorgeous colour!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  8. You have such a cute blog design!
    Wanna follow each other?

  9. They are all really really pretty shades x

  10. They all look good, but I'm loving the Dainty Doll one! Can't wait to look for them on Ebay.

    Yaya @ Expat Frugalista

  11. Very pretty shades!
    Ellie x

  12. I shop at Asda every week and I'm forever adding then removing products from the George make up range. This is the first time I've seen any of them swatched so thank you so much for this post!

    Jaq @ www.lazydaysbeauty.com

  13. The George blush looks exactly like my everyday staple max factor one, I bet it's half the price too, will have to keep an eye out :)

    Frankie x


  14. The colors are so pretty! Especially the Nude Velvet one.


  15. Gorgeous colours! cream blushes are super easy to blend.
    Renee x
    A cruelty free blog.

  16. all these blush's are gorgeous colours.

    Hayley \\ http://pocketn0tes.blogspot.co.uk

  17. I love the George blushes too! They are brilliant!


  18. I really love Bourjois blushes as like you said they don't all dewy on my face!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  19. I did not know that George did makeup?! This looks amazing!