My Current Haircare Routine

For a very long time, me and my hair have not had the best of relationships. I've been attacking it with bleach and hair dye since I was about sixteen, and went through a phase of flitting between jet black and bleach blonde like it was no big deal (leading to many shades of orange, yellow and 'what the hell have I done?) Over the last few years I've obviously changed my ways (not sure how much more abuse it would have taken to be fair) although I'm still on a long road of growing it to a length that I'm happy with. The process of repairing my hair involved a lot of highly nourishing products including various oils, masques and protein treatments, my current haircare routine on the other hand simply focuses on keeping my hair hydrated and in good condition. It's not particularly elaborate, but seeing as it's actually in good condition for the first time in something like eight years I figure I must be doing something right! As a bit of background my hair is fine, straight and as flat as roadkill, you wont find any volume or beautiful curls here thats for sure. But in the interest of making the best of what I've got, here's how I currently care for my hair and the products I use on it.

I seriously LOVE this shampoo and conditioner. They're designed for damaged and chemically treated hair which is ideal if like me you dabble in bleach and hair dye. While they're not going to blow you a way in terms of scent (they don't have much fragrance to them whatsoever) you can really tell they've worked their magic once you're out of the shower. The conditioner in particular leaves your hair feeling like you've just been to the hairdresser, and makes more of a difference after one wash than some intense masks I've tried do in a month.

I've banged on about these numerous times before so I won't go into too much detail again. They're brilliant little budget masks that give dry and lifeless hair a new lease of life, as soon as my hair starts feeling a bit drab I'll reach for one of these every time. Hair masks should be left on for as long as possible for the best result (which is good news for me as I leave them on for ages!) I wrote a post here about the method I use to deep condition my hair, which works well with these masks.

While my hair is still wet from the shower, I'll spray some of this through the ends and comb through with a wide tooth comb. I like this product a whole lot, it's smells gorgeous and I find it really protects my hair against breakage while it's wet. It sprays finely and adds loads of hydration without making the hair greasy. This is probably one of my most repurchased haircare products, as soon as it starts running low I go out and buy the same one again. Which has to be a compliment it it, as being the inquisitive beauty lover I'm usually all into scouring out new things to try!

Once my hair is towel dried, I'll go in with a small amount of oil through the ends. This step has made a noticeable difference to the condition of my hair, and since I started incorporating oils into my routine my hair has finally broken past the 'never grows past a certain length' barrier. For years I was stuck in the vicious cycle of constantly having to bleach re-growth but never having any extra length to show for it. I was convinced that it wasn't breaking off at the ends, but thinking about it that's exactly what must have been happening. Using an oil has helped to protect the ends which has meant I'm finally seeing some hair growth progress. Yippee!

Do you use any of these products? Let me know if you have any recommendations for things I should try!
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  1. I love the sound of the Herbal Essence mask - my hair is craving something like this!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  2. I love Argan Oil! I haven't come across this brand before but I might give it a try :)
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

  3. The Herbal Essence hair mask is incredible. Such a bargain!

  4. I have to try the Argan Oil, thd recomendation sounds great!!

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