Pink Lipstick Love

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If you had to wear one lip colour for the rest of your life, what would it be? Because I know exactly what I'd be going for! While I love red or plum lipstick in winter, or coral shades in the summer- a good old medium dusky pink is a fail safe all year round, I know it might not be the most exciting choice but you just can't go wrong with a pink lip and neutral smokey eyes for an effortless daytime look. It's so easy to wear, and doesn't require half as much checking up on as bolder colours. I vowed to get through this post without using cringe blogger cliche 'your lips but better' but there's no better way to sum it up, that's what these shades are. A hint of colour that finishes off any makeup look nicely and suits just about anyone. If I had to choose one lip colour to wear for the rest of my life, it would definitely look something like one of these products.

Mac Please Me/ Rimmel Celeb/ Kate by Rimmel 101 & 19
I didn't realise until I came to take pictures for this post that aside from the one Mac lipstick, the others are all by Rimmel and Revlon. I suppose it makes sense though, they're two of my favourite highstreet brands for lip products and I have soo many more products from them both that I could rave about. I wrote a post comparing Mac's Please Me and Rimmel's Celeb side by side here, while they have different formulations the colour on the lips is almost identical- which is handy as it means I have a less expensive version to throw in my bag for topups, rather than risking losing my trusty Mac one. The two Kate by Rimmel lipsticks are the darkest and lightest of the bunch; I wasn't sure about shade 101 when I first bought it but it's now one of my very favourite lipsticks- the only problem is you really can't have chapped lips with this one.

Rimmel Colour Show Off Pink Excess/ Revlon Blushing Mauve/ Revlon JBKBS Honey
I wrote about my love for the Rimmel Colour Show Off lipsticks (shiny pink packaging) here, I wouldn't normally go for sparkle in lipstick but it somehow works in this one; it's a very fine shimmer and I think helps add fullness to the lips without that unflattering metallic/ frost look some lipsticks can have. I came across Revlon's Blushing Mauve when I bought Revlon's 'Supercube' set of nine lipsticks last year, this wasn't a stand out shade in the box (I suppose muted pink generally isn't) but of that set this is the one I ended up liking the most. Finally Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey (which I reviewed here) is possibly my most worn. I always think this is one product that looks really ugly when it's swatched like this, it looks so much better once it's on. I love how it subtly finishes off any makeup look, plus it's easy and precise to apply and comfortable to wear which is always a bonus!

Do you have a lip product in a similar colour you could recommend?


  1. Pink lipsticks are definitely my favourite. I love the pink Kate Moss one, it's a great nude that works for most people!

    lovely post | Zofia x

  2. amazing pics... these become my perfect mlbb shades :)
    nice collection

  3. This is probably insane, but I actually want all of these as I don't won any of them. Save to say my WL just got a lot longer :) Great picks!

  4. They are all so pretty, especially the Kate Moss ones!

  5. MAC Please Me is my all time favourite. x

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  6. Oh my gosh - definitely should not have read this post!

    Pretty much all of these are gonna be added to my "to buy" list haha!

    They all look so similar, yet I don't think I could pick a favourite, great post and lovely swatches :)

    Laura x

  7. Stacey, I absolutely love that Kate Moss 101 lipstick, it's so underrated but so pretty! Maybe you could try Mac Pink plaid it's a lovely pink, a little darker but I just love the way it sits on my lips :) x

  8. I've been looking for a nice everyday pink and your post has been really helpful! They're all so gorgeous :)