Fragrance Friday: Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy: £20 (100ml) 

Top Notes: Frambiose (raspberry) black cherry, plum
Heart Notes: night orchid, freesia, iris
Base Notes: amber, musk, vanilla

One of my very most worn perfumes has got to be the original Fantasy by Britney Spears, I can't get enough of that gorgeous sugary sweetness! Whenever I'm getting ready and can't decide on a perfume to wear (or don't have anything in particular in mind) then it's usually the one I'll grab- I absolutely love the scent, and because it's only cheap it's just a nice one for spraying on day to day. Being a huge fan of the original version I've of course being eyeing up some of the other scents in the range, and a skim through of the notes of Midnight Fantasy and I was sold. Ever the fan of sweet, fruity and vanilla based perfumes it was kind of obvious I was going to love it, but once it arrived it was even better than I'd imagined. I'm quite easy going when it comes to sweet smelling perfumes and do tend to like most of what I test out, but this is something else. I'm obsessed, seriously you have to try this!

The best way I can sum up this scent is 'berries and vanilla', it's very sweet smelling but unlike the original Fantasy (which has notes of cupcake and white chocolate) it's not quite as 'sugary'. It's really fruity on first spray but by the end of the day- and I really do mean the end of the day, the staying power of this stuff is amazing- you're left with sweet vanilla and a very subtle musk. I've had so many people ask me what perfume I'm wearing since I've owned this and have all commented on how nice it smells, it's such a lovely scent I can't see how anyone would dislike it. I love the cute sphere shaped gem-encrusted bottles, and I think most people are in agreement that although they're a bit tacky they still look nice- I have no problem having this out on display! Whether or not you're a fan of Britney herself there's no denying that this is a fantastic perfume range, I mentioned in this review last week how Britney Spears perfumes are created under the Elizabeth Arden brand. So while they're celebrity fragrances, they're produced by a well respected and experienced beauty and perfume company.

I honestly can't decide which I perfume I prefer out of this and the original Fantasy, they're quite different so I've been using them equally depending on what I fancy at the time. Either way they're both gorgeous, inexpensive and have incredible lasting power- what's not to like? I urge you to withhold judgement on this one and just go out and smell it because I know you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Have you tried any of Britney's Fantasy perfumes?


  1. I love the original Fantasy scent and this one sounds just as great!


  2. omg, I love this sooo much! It's my favourite BS fragrance!

  3. I've only ever tried this scent from the Fantasy collection. My boyfriend bought me it after smelling every single perfume in the shop, and decided on this one! I'll admit when I first saw Britney Spears I was a bit of a perfume snob and thought I'd hate it, but it's seriously gorgeous!

    I really want to try Island Fantasy - I'm hoping for a gorgeous tropical scent for Summer!

  4. I love this perfume too and the staying power is amazing. Just rediscovered my love for it as I have so many bottles that people keep gifting to me! Best start making my way through them.

    Jegz xo

  5. I have this! I bought it a few years ago when it was in the sale. I tested it once and fell in love with the scent. To me, it was like blueberry muffins! I used to be obsessed with this perfume for about a year but I do still quite like it now.

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  7. I love sweet smelling perfumes and this is definitely one of my favourites. People always compliment me on it as well! x


  8. I haven't smelled Midnight Fantasy yet, but I really miss the original 2005 formula for "Fantasy"! I actually wrote about this topic today, coincidentally:

  9. I have the original Fantasy perfume and I love it! I've always heard good things about Midnight Fantasy and have wanted to pick it up for quite sometime, so I think I definitely will have to now. :) xx