Nars Multiple Dupe for £5?

George High Lite Stick in Heartbreaker: £5 each (12g) available at Asda

The weather in the UK is as temperamental as ever at the moment but there's no denying that summer is on the way- the spells of sunshine we're getting are amazing, if only they'd last a bit longer we'd be in for a right treat! I was rummaging around in my makeup the other day (on the hunt for products that will help to turn my milk bottle skin into something a lot more bronzed and summery) and spotted this Nars Multiple look-a-like 'High Lite Stick' from Asda right at the back of my bronzers. I was obsessed with this when I first got my hands on it, but over time it must have been gradually pushed aside where I've been trying out other things. But after a bit of a swatch, straight in my 'everyday stash' it went- it's beautiful.

George High Lite stick is a bronzey cream highlighter in a twist-up stick format, a lot of George's makeup seem to be based on higher end products and so I'm sure it's no coincidence that it resembles a Nars Multiple. Personally I'm all on board with the budget dupes, it's a great way to test the waters and see if you're going to get on with a product before splashing out for the high end alternative. Especially when it comes to slightly different formats like these, because you just don't know whether you're going to love or loathe the application until you give it a go for yourself. Heartbreaker is a warm toned brown with gold shimmer, from googling swatches it looks as though it's somewhere between Nars South Beach and Maldives. This is definitely a dark shade, but used sparingly it works perfectly on my pale face and is still very highlighting. I'm guessing this stick format is designed to be applied straight to the face, but I apply mine to a Real Techniques stippling brush and gently stipple it across the tops of the cheekbones and slightly up to the temple which gives the most gorgeous highlighted glow. I find that this way I have a lot more control over the finish, and can achieve a much more subtle glow than swiping it on straight from the stick. Texture wise it's creamy yet doesn't feel wet or sticky on the skin, instead it sets to an almost powder finish which I really like. I've had mine for over a year now, and it still applies just as it did when I first got it and hasn't dried out at all.

Being quite dark with shimmer this isn't something I'd reach for all year round (summer is the only time I really bother with highlighters) but I think it's going to be a great little addition to my makeup over the next few months and I can see myself getting loads of use from it- I applied it the other day after fake tanning and absolutely loved the bronzed look that it gave. While I don't have the Nars multiple to compare- and I'm sure with the higher price comes a more luxurious feel- I can safely say that this is a nice product within itself. I think it's a great substitute if you're not looking to fork out £30 for the Nars one as it's a similar kind of thing, and for me it's ideal as it's the type of product that I'll only get a lot of use out of a few months of the year. Along with this bronzey shade there's a coral colour that looks almost identical to Nars Orgasm as well as as a champagne coloured highlighter which looks similar to Copacabana.

Do you own any of the Nars multiples? Or have you found a good dupe?


  1. This looks amazing (: May have to do a sneaky online order as my local asda doesn't sell beauty products :/ xx

  2. This looks like a fab dupe :) the Nars Multiple has been on my wish list for a while now but maybe I'll give this a try first to see how I get on :) x

  3. I had no idea that George even did makeup!
    Definitely going to have a look when doing my next food shop and try get my hands on this.
    Great post

  4. This looks amazing! I need to go on the hunt for it!

  5. This looks great! x

  6. Thanks for sharing! I wish I could see when you apply it :)

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  7. This looks fabulous! Great post X

    Emily xx