Nspa 'Spa Treatment in a Box'

More new skincare goodies from Nspa! Nspa are really on top of their game at the moment, everything they're releasing is just gorgeous; luxury spa-like products with a budget price tag, who can resist? This 'Spa in a Box' came just in time for me, I've been in need of a pamper session and after just a couple of uses I'm already feeling loads better (I think sorting my terrible roots helped a bit too- I feel like a lot less of a scruff now!) I think this set would make a really nice gift, so is one to bear in mind if you have any beauty lovers birthday's approaching. And of course it would make a nice treat for yourself too, especially if your skin needs a little pick me up but you don't want to spend a fortune!

Glycolic Peel
I was really excited about this product, I've heard good things about glycolic masks and it's been just the thing to freshen up my complexion (and while a 'peel' does sound quite scary it's just the product that peels off not your actual skin!) It comes with a brush which is perfect for applying a very thin layer to the skin, you use so little of this on each application that it will last for ages. I found that this was ever so slightly stingy/ tingly when I first applied it, but the sensation disappeared within less than a minute. After ten to fifteen minutes you peel it off- there's something oddly satisfying about this (a bit like peeling pva glue off your hand in primary school art lessons, which lets face it are classic childhood memories). Glycolic peels work as an exfoliator, with the glycolic acid gently breaking down the 'glue' that adheres dead skin cells to the surface of the skin. This really helps to remove any dead skin cells and give the pores a good clean, my t-zone looked a lot fresher and my skin overall looked a lot brighter even after the first use. This is probably my favourite skincare find this year so far.

Brightening Day Cream
The skin brightening cream is another nice Nspa moisturiser; light, easily absorbed and smells nice you can't go wrong. It contains SPF 15 which is important- glycolic peels are to be followed up with a sunscreen to avoid damage to the skin and so these products are definitely best used together. Both this and the mask have that typical 'Nspa' fruity smell to them which you'll be familiar with if you've used any of their other skincare. 

Is this set something you'd go for?


  1. I'd love to try this out, I have only tried NSPA's shower gel and that was gorgeous!

    Laura Likes Beauty xx

  2. This looks lovely! I've used a few NSPA products before and got on really well with them! I might take a trip to asda later for a little browse! :)



  3. I love peel off masks! I used to play with glue just so I could peel it off haha!

  4. Haven't seen this - I've tried the moisturiser separately and found it ok but not amazing. Will be looking out for the peel though. Definitely love NSpa products xx

    Meet Me On My Sofa

  5. Definitely something I'd go for - wanted to try out Nspa for ages!! xx


  6. This sounds amazing, I've been so impressed with all the nspa I've tried so far I will definitely be trying it out! xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose