Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Face Cream (+ Giveaway!)

Well I think it's fair to say the hottest days of the summer are well and truly over, I've been waiting around for this 'second heat wave' we were supposed to have been getting but think mr weatherman might have been off the mark on that one. Over the last week I've changed my bedding back to my regular thick quilt, and after being barefoot for months have even started wearing socks around the house again where it's been really quite chilly! So while it might not seem like the best time for a sunscreen giveaway dont forget it's important to protect skin from the sun all year round- those crafty UV rays are just as damaging when you're building a snowman as they are when you're building a sandcastle. I've always had a bit of a 'mehhh' approach to facial sunscreens when the weather isn't hot, but this one by Nivea is so nice that it's actually changed my mind. It's so light and can be worn under makeup without making your foundation slip or slide all over the skin, and it absorbs so quickly it's been no effort whatsoever slotting it into my routine. I've been using Nivea sun protection products all summer and I'm honestly so impressed with them, as someone who hates heavy thick lotions and potions their lightweight and easily absorbed formulas have been an absolute god send.

Nivea's Sun Protect and Bronze contains plant extracts which support the skin's own menalin production, which means they also help your natural tan develop more quickly as well as protect from damage. It has a highly effective UVA/UVB filter system, and protects immediately after applying. Even if like me you're iffy about facial sunscreen I highly recommend giving these a go, they're so much nicer than all of the other similar products I've tried. They're inexpensive and you only need the tiniest amount (and if it keeps the signs of aging away for as long as possible that's always a good thing right!)

Nivea have very generously offered to giveaway TEN of these amazing little facial sunscreens, so enter below for a chance to win! The winners have been selected and are shown on the widget- I've sent over your email addresses to Nivea who will get in touch soon to send your prize!

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