Statement Necklace Haul

Eeee look at them, aren't they pretty? I've got a serious addiction to necklaces, they're just the perfect way to perk up an outfit or update it for the season. Seeing as I prefer plainer clothing items (plain skater dresses are my weakness!) I like to bring in a bit of interest with accessories and a bag, and it's handy being able to dress an outfit up or down depending on what you're doing. This selection of gorgeous statement necklaces are from an online prom/ occasion dress website called Yoyo Melody and I thought they were such great finds. The designs are all so pretty and they're really well made too- plus they have good length adjustable chains so they sit at a nice comfortable and flattering place on your chest. I sometimes find statement necklaces can be too bulky and short (and can have a tendency to make you look like you have no neck!) but that's not the case with these at all. Here are the five designs I went for.

This is probably the plainest design of the five, but for that reason it's also my favourite (and is the one I've definitely worn the most so far). I think it's really cute and is so easy to wear, because it's quite simple it looks nice with just about any outfit. It's listed on the site as 'beige', although it's much more of a nude pink/peach colour.

Gemstone and Petal Bohemia Chain Necklace: Blue and Red
I liked this necklace so much I got it in two different colours, the 'blue' (which is actually more of a mint green colour) and 'red' which is more of a vibrant coral. Both gorgeous spring/summery colours, and I love the detail of the metal leaves with the pearls and the diamantes. These are a bit daintier than I thought, which I prefer as there's quite a lot going on with them. It might have looked a bit much on a huge piece, but they're perfect like this.

Gemstone Gold Chain Necklace: Pink
This is the most sparkly and elaborate of the five, I think it will be a perfect to wear with a plain dress on a night out. I like having necklaces like this where you know that it can make any simple outfit look dressy and put together. I'm obsessed with the design of this one, pink sparkly diamantes are always something that will catch my eye!

Gemstone Floral Necklace: Light Blue
This is a bit bigger and bolder than what I'd usually go for, but there was something about it I really liked and decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did as I love it, the adjustable length means it's not too short on me and I'm really looking forward to wearing it. I love the chunky gold chain (I wish some of the other necklaces had this too) and the pastel blue is again a great choice for over the summer.

What's your favourite place to buy statement jewellery?


  1. They're all so pretty... I'm obsessed with statement necklaces.
    I have that first flower one in pale blue!
    My favourite is the blue one :)
    pretty eclectic

  2. Ooh I do love a statement necklace! The bottom left one is my favourite here! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  3. Love this haul...not often you see one devoted to statement necklaces! My fav is definitely five petal one :D

  4. So pretty! I just bought a bunch on Ebay, and I'm really excited! These necklaces are so pretty! I like to wear really plain clothing every day, so necklaces like these are perfect!

  5. I've been quite liking New Look for statement necklaces; pretty and affordable!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  6. These are gorgeous, my favourite has to be the mint one! Glad I came across your blog ^^

    Jodie.xo ||

  7. Lovely to see some statement necklaces in pastels! I've seen bright colours all over but struggling to find subtle colours! Lovely post, thank you :) Steph xx

  8. Wow, they are cuuute! My favorite is the beige one, because the flowers look so creamy.

  9. I personally am obsessed with statement necklaces! I love that last one with the peachy pink flowers. thanks for sharing your haul hun! xx. gigi.