Summer Saviours

My Summer Saviours*

There's no denying that we've had some pretttyyy scorching weather over the last couple of months, I really didn't expect it to be as hot as it was. Earlier in the year I had visions of spending the summer frolicking about outdoors every day- but in reality there were a couple of days that I literally just spent sitting around melting, complaining and fanning myself with a copy of the Avon book. Here in the UK when air conditioning in peoples homes just doesn't exist (I ordered a huge fan at the beginning of the heatwave, but of course it only went and arrived two days after the really hot weather was over) it's no wonder we all complain about the heat! But there have been a couple of heatwave hero products that have really impressed me this summer, and helped me keep nice and refreshed.

 Bath/ Shower
Radox Shower Gels- 'Uplifting' 'Energise' and 'Revive'
I usually associate Radox with relaxation, I've been a fan of their bubble baths forever and used to buy them all the time. But there's more to the brand than just bubble bath, Radox Citrus Showergels are possibly the most refreshing shower products I've ever used. Not only were amazing over the hottest days, but are really nice invigorating products for all year round that give you a boost in your morning shower. I've only pictured the 'Uplifting' one here in the interest of keeping the photo as concise as possible but I also have the 'Energise' (key lime and peppermint) and 'Revive' (mandarin and lemongrass) and they're all absolutely gorgeous citrus scents with a fresh herb twist. If you want a shower gel that's really going to perk you up in the morning then these are exactly it.

Vaseline Spray n Go/ Nivea Invisible Cooling Mist/ Sure Maximum Protection
I'm now on my second tin of Vaseline Spray n Go and will definitely continue to repurchase. The fine spray absorbs quickly and keeps your skin hydrated without having to wait for a thick product to sink in. The Nivea Invisible Cooling Mist is the best sun protection product I've ever used, the fine mist delivers SPF 30 and absorbs within seconds. The best part is how cooling it feels, it's cold on the skin which is just heavenly when you're roasting hot- I can't say I've ever enjoyed applying SPF before until I came across this stuff! The deodorant I've been using is Sure's Maximum Protection, which is scientifically proven to be twice as strong as other antipersperants. It also lasts for an amazing 48 hours (so just the thing for any festivals or weekend camping trips when you know you're going to be without a shower for a couple of days!) The name 'Maximum Protection' says it all really, you know that you're going to stay as fresh as a daisy all day even when the weather is crazy hot. I love the cream stick formula, although they also have a spray version in the same range depending on what you prefer.

Nspa Brightening Day Cream (SPF 15)
There have been so many skincare products I've been loving at the moment, but one that deserves mention is the Nspa Brightening Day Cream. This came with a glycolic peel (which I also love) in Nspa's 'Spa in a Box' kit- when I first got it I was so interested in the mask I pretty much disregarded this. But I've been using it in the mornings and like it a lot, it's light on the skin but contains SPF 15 so you're killing two birds with one stone.

Andrew Barton Hair Heroes Heat Protection Spray With Argan Oil
I've tried loads of Andrew Barton's haircare products now and am always really impressed with them, there are many that I repurchase over and over. Most recently I've been using this Hair Heroes spray which protects hair to up to 200 degrees and contains hair miracle ingredient argan oil. I've been quite good at keeping heat tools off my hair as much as possible this summer (it's mainly been chucked up into a ponytail or messy bun to keep it off my neck!) but before I go out into the sun I've been spraying it through with this. The argan oil leaves it feeling silky smooth, and the heat protectant stops it from getting frazzled in the sunshine.

Nspa Pure Perfume
I have so many perfumes that I love and wear often, but I've been enjoying using Nspa's Pure especially over the hottest days. While I could easily wear sickly sweet perfumes all year around I know they can give people a bit of a headache when the weather is hot, and so I've been choosing this as it's a really fresh yet light scent. It's neither sweet or floral, more of a 'clean linen' kind of scent (but nicer and more perfume-y if that makes sense!) 'Energy' is another of their scents I've been loving at the moment, it's really zesty and citrusy and again is fresh and light so perfect for this time of year.

What are your summer saviours?


  1. Amazing products! Particularly the nspa face cream ! I love all of their things so well priced yet good quality:)


    1. I'm obsessed with Nspa products, I agree they're such great quality and very easy on the budget! x

  2. I love the Spray & Go! So convenient!!!

    1. This has been a lifesaver, I love how quick and easy it is to apply :) x

  3. I will have to check out the Andrew Barton's heat defencer spray. I am near the end of my Tresemme one and always on the hunt for a good heat defence spray with all the heated products I use on a weekly basis!!


    1. I highly recommend Andrew Barton products, there's another heat protectant in their line called Hair Heroes which is also amazing and contains Argan oil :) x

  4. Great little round up I'm always after new heat sprays as I still haven't found an affordable one that works well for me :). The Vaseline Spray and go moisturisers are another thing I keep meaning to try I'm all for anything that saves me time :) xx

  5. My Summer savior has been these misting bottles of mineral water, which I refrigerate and then mist on my face when it's too hot. Lol.

  6. I love the Vaseline Spray and Go, but my fave is the cocoa one. I am also on my second can of it. Its fantastic.