Bioderma Exfoliating Cream Review

We've all heard of Bioderma- it wasn't too long ago that everyone was going crazy for their makeup removing goodness, and you couldn't move for rave reviews of the new wonder product on the block 'micellar water'. The fact that it was a new concept to most people (and the fact it was quite hard to get hold of) definitely made Bioderma a talking point for a really long time, and I think most of us either owned a bottle or had it ranked pretty highly on our wishlists. But did you know they do a whole load of other amazing skincare goodies too? I've been using their Exfoliating Cream and am pleased to say that Bioderma are definitely not a one trick pony when it comes to their skincare products, this stuff is amazing.

 Of course with any high quality skincare product like this, it's been very well researched and there's a good bit of sciency background which explains how and why it works. In the interest of this post not turning into a science lesson, to summarise it contains a patented ingredient called Aquagenium which has a whole host of brilliant skin benefits- from helping to lock in moisture to actually 'retraining' the skin by stimulating the skin's cellular capabilities. This product is from the Hydrabio line which is targeted for dehydrated and sensitive skin; like most people mine can get a bit dry and dull over the colder months, so think this will be the perfect little pick me up to reveal soft and supple skin after I've been abused by the British wintertime!

This is one of the best facial exfoliators I've used to date. It contains enough 'gritty bits' so that it does the job without having to go through loads of product, but it's gentle enough so that you're not left with skin that's red raw. It really gets to work sloughing off the dead and rough skin, and is extremely moisturising too- after each use my skin has felt significantly softer and fresher. I think £10.50 is a reasonable price for a high end skincare product, especially when it performs so much better than anything I've tried from the highstreet.

Have you tried anything from Bioderma before?


  1. Ive been wanting to try this! I have some dry skin around my nose and I think it could do with a good hydrate! x

    BerrieBlogs {beauty blog}

  2. I had no idea they made an exfoliater!

  3. This looks so good; its so strange how the rest of bioderma's range gets completely overshadowed by the wonder product that is micellar water, but I can definitely see why as it's so fantastic :)


  4. I love the exfoliator from their Sebium line, but this one looks amazing too! I love their skincare ;) xx

    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty | GIVEAWAY

  5. This exfoliator sounds lovely, never tried anything other than their micellar water but will now go look for this one!

    Z ♥

  6. I have heard of the line but I haven't tried it. When I went to dermalogica for a facial my skin specialist told me not to use the St Ives apricot scrub that so many people use so I have been using the dermalogica resurfacer which I love. This sounds like it is worth a try too.