MeMeMe Coral Blossom Review

by - Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I think when it comes to these liquid 'lip and cheek stains' it's a love or hate situation with most people. On the plus side they're long lasting and nice and light on the skin, but there's no denying that they're a bit more difficult to work with than standard powder or creams. Personally I like this format a lot, I own quite a few tints like this and always go for them when I mean business and really want my makeup to stay put. The latest little lip and cheek tint I've been trying out is called Coral Blossom by MeMeMe; this is a new shade in their best selling range of tints, and is a pretty peachy colour that gives a sheer wash of colour to the skin.

 If you've ever used these type of tints before you might know that they can sometimes be very watery and difficult to work with, so I was really happy when I opened this up and saw the thick, almost creamy consistency as it makes it a LOT easier to apply. Watery tints can have  disasterous consequences when you're not used to them (helloooo clown cheeks!) but this is completely fine. It's also quite sheer and doesn't stain the skin on contact either, so you get a few seconds to buff it in to achieve the look you're after. I use the brush to dab a couple of tiny dots onto my cheeks then buff it out with a buffing brush, the product looks quite orange in the jar but it sheers out to a pretty natural peachy flush. Once it's set it's stays put for the rest of the day which I love- it even lasted on the hottest days in the summer after power walking my dogs through fields (it's fair to say most other blushes would have quite literally melted off!)

If you're new to these types of blushes I think this is a great one to go for, the creamy consistency means it's easy to work with and the colour is light and natural and so it's difficult to overdo it. You will need to own a buffing or stippling brush to apply this properly, but aside from that it's a great long lasting product for all year round. You can use code 'mememe15' until 30th September to get 15% off the full Mememe range!

Do you use liquid blushes/ tints like this? Is Coral Blossom a product you'd go for?

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  1. Love the colour!

  2. I thought its a nail paint :P
    and the colour is so awesome :)

  3. I've never tried a tint like this, I think it would be a bit time consuming for me for every day but would be great for days I need my makeup to stay on all day :) Love the colour of this, it looks like it would be really natural x

  4. I have never tried this formula of blush and am always curious about tit and how long you have to work with it before it dries and sets! Lovely post Stacey :)

  5. What a nice color on your skin tone. I thought this was going to be nail polish! LOL

  6. I love the shade of this, most are far too bright. xx

  7. This looks so cute oh wow, i never really use blush but this just looks amazing
    Love Vicki x

  8. These formulas usually scare me. I haven't tried any of them yet. I have some samples of the Benefit ones, but still.... kinda scared to use them, lol!

  9. Hi! I have bought this product recently and I have also Benefint Cha Cha tint and it is very similar, although Mememe Coral Blossom is lighter.
    bye! :)

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    1. Leaving hundreds of links in blog post comments- I don't think so! I will continue to delete these comments so don't bother!


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