Five Home Truths About Blogging

I've been blogging for a little over two years now, and it's taught me a lot. As well as learn new skills it's taught me that I have the ability to stick with something, and have the motivation to continue without having to be asked or forced. Most of all it's taught me that I'm passionate and quite capable when I put my mind to something, although there has of course been ups and downs and moments of doubt. This is in no way intended to be a negative post, just a few things I've experienced throughout my time blogging. No doubt you'll relate to some of these if you're a blogger yourself!

1.  Running a blog takes a lot of time and effort
How hard can it be to sit in front of a computer screen typing away about beauty products, right? Wrong. So much goes on behind the scenes of running a blog it's crazy, and probably isn't something you'd give much thought to unless you create content yourself. It's easy to click on a blog, see a nicely written post and assume that it's something that the blogger typed up in about half an hour one evening. But there's so much more to it than that, and it all takes an insane amount of time. Writing up what you want to say, wording it in a way that people might actually find interesting to read and taking photos is the tip of the iceberg. Along with things like formatting the post so it looks nice on the page, proofreading, editing photos and promoting the post takes hours. Then there's replying to emails, replying to comments, connecting on social media and things like blog design and advertising to think about. You're pretty much a one man blogging band, and need to have bucket loads of self motivation in order to get everything done and keep it up. I'm in no way complaining and absolutely love spending time on my blog, challenging myself and pouring my efforts into it- but it's definitely not something I was aware of before I started!

2. You'll have highs and lows in regards to how you feel about your blog
Sometimes you'll feel on top of the world; it will seem as though your blog is progressing nicely and you'll be happy with all of the content you're putting out. Other times insecurity will rear it's ugly head. Whether you're guilty of comparing yourself to others, are unhappy with certain aspects of your blog or have noticed a bit of a drop in followers- it's easy to feel inadequate or become uninspired with your blog. For me, bloggers block is usually followed by periods of extreme motivation where I feel like I'm ready to give it my all again, and so it's important to work through the low points rather than just giving up.

3. Not everyone will 'get it'
As bloggers we all know the success stories, the amazing opportunities that blogging can bring. Whether it's going on to achieve your dream job as becoming a full time blogger, working with companies, connecting with new people or simply having a hobby that you really enjoy. But there are a lot of people out there who simply don't get it, and will see blogging as nothing but wasting time or even a bit 'silly'. It's a sad fact but don't let it put you off, and whatever it is you hope to gain from blogging, go ahead and do it anyway. If someone was writing a book, creating art or making music that wouldn't been seen as silly or wasting time so why should blogging? Essentially creating content is all about the same thing- self expression and producing something for other people to enjoy.

4. Your words and thoughts are openly available on the internet
 This seems like an obvious one, of course your words are openly available on the internet you write a public blog- duh! But it's easy to fall into a trap of feeling as though you're just writing for your followers- lovely harmless people who share a common interest with you. But your thoughts and words are out there for anyone to see, and so it's important to find the balance between saying what you want to say and protecting your privacy. It's pretty difficult (if not impossible) for people you know to randomly stumble across your blog unless they're searching for the kinds of things you're blogging about- however if you've got any creepy internet stalkers out there then they'll more than likely find your blog by searching you. I'm a reasonably private person and so tend to keep a lot of personal details off my blog, but if you treat your blog a bit like an online diary its worth bearing in mind that your words can be read by anyone.

5. Blogging will become a huge part of your life
It's strange how blogging can take over a huge part of your life, it happened to me without me even realising. Even on the days that I'm not posting content I'm still adding bits to draft posts, taking photos ready to be edited or replying to emails. Planning as much as you can in advance is a major help for the times that you're busy, ill or just dont have the brain power to write. I suppose the same applies to anyone who creates content, you never really 'switch off' from it. I find that even when I'm out living my life I'll be thinking for ideas for blog posts, I'll be replying to emails while I'm getting ready to go out and and will have random ideas that I need to write down at 3am. It's become so integrated into my life that I do it without even thinking about it- I check Bloglovin in the mornings like most people check the daily paper!

What has blogging taught you? Do you relate to any of these?


  1. Hi, good post! Just started blogging and I'm surprised how much time I spend on it right now without the writing. But so much fun to do, love it. I could use some sleep :)

  2. Really great post :) I recently started blogging and I love it so so much, it is difficult to get into it and be consistent but its worth it!

    Beauty and Fashion blog:

  3. I've recently started blogging as a hobby and you're right when saying that it takes a lot of time. I had never thought
    about that but it's true, I still love blogging though :)

    xx Cecil //

  4. Such a good post lovely, I definitely agree with not realising how time consuming blogging was, I made my first wish list post this week and it took me well over an hour, completely underestimated it. I also fall in and out of love with my blog sometimes, guess that's normal :)
    Natasha Paris x

  5. Love this post! I've been blogging for around 6 months, but only properly for about 2 months and I've already experienced all of these. I'm definitely at a low point with my blog right now, only last week or the week before I was getting over a 100 views per day, now I'm lucky if I get 20, even though I'm doing nothing different! Gah :( love your blog xx

  6. Totally agree with all of these hun, especially 1 and 5 x

  7. What a lovely post! I especially agree with number one! I didn't ever anticipate that I would spend a whole day of my week just editing photos for the week ahead, but I wouldn't change a thing! And about the followers thing; I always panic when I've dropped followers thinking 'what have I done?!' but I guess it happens to everyone.


  8. I relate to all of these! People won't understand how much work goes into blogging or vlogging unless they do the same, so sometimes it gets very frustrating. I definitely feel very iffy about my blog some days, and most times lately. I know I can get out of the rut though - I just have to try certain things and figure out which ones work and which ones don't. Thanks for sharing. I always like reading these posts.

  9. I definitely understand the falling in and out of love. I recently changed the name of my blog after 3 years of blogging and it's terrifying! Live this post very inspiring.

  10. I am new to blogging so this has really helped me and I hve learnt a few new things about blogging! Would you mind click the link and checking out my blog?

  11. Aw this was such a good post, really loved it x

  12. Agree with all of your points! Especially the blogging takes a lot of time!

    Michelle xo

  13. I hate when people say stuff like 'oh sure blogging is easy, anyone can do it' - Yes of course anyone can do it but it isn't easy. It defiantly does take up a lot of time and I don't think people understand that until they have to put up a post themselves . As hard as it can be sometimes though , The positives always out weight the negatives and I love it :) x It defiantly gives you a sense of achievement especially when you put up a post that gets good feedback x

    Caitriona Tighe

  14. This post completely resonates with me! This is the sort of post I'd love to have read when I started blogging xx

  15. Totally agree with this list, especially point five. Even at my lowest blogging points it was all I could think about. Sometimes I wonder why on Earth I am blogging but I can't imagine not doing it; I think I'd miss the blogging community too much! Emma.x

  16. I can totally relate to all of this, even if I've been blogging for a few months only :) xx

    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

  17. Yeah, I can definitely relate to all of these! I think that another very important lesson is to realize that you shouldn't compare yourself to other bloggers. I think that constantly comparing ourselves to others will drive us insane.

    I'm not saying that I'm perfect, lol. Sometimes I do feel like, "Wow, I would have loved to have the same opportunities!"
    But then I'd get over it and move on. These days, I just do my own things and, eh, if it works, it works; if it doesn't, I"ll try a different approach next time. :-P

  18. Blogging def quickly becomes a big part of your life, especially if you keep doing it for a while. And sure thing, not everyone will get it. When you say: I blog - some of them will look at you and ask: So is it like a dairy? O.o Second question: Do you earn money with it?
    That are usually the only two questions random people will ask. But luckily there are many more out there, who will happily support you in your blogging ambitions. :D

    Luchessa @

  19. Blogging has made me respect peoples' abilities to take good pictures. I'm so terrible at it XD

  20. Great post and I really do agree with what you said about the fact that not everyone will 'get it'. I think that's got to be one of the reasons why I'm not happy for everyone to know about my blog because they just won't get it and think it's a waste of time. Apart from that I don't want people I know being nosy! I've recently started another blog which is my photography blog. I'm hoping that'll get me into university so I'm looking forward to filling it up with lots of lovely photos. That's what I'm hoping to get out of blogging for the time being! :)

    Yazmin xx

  21. Hello I love your post and it really reflects the experience of running a blog. I am not a new blogger but I'm kinda demotivated because of the process to build up audience. I know it takes time but it was sad sometimes because I love blogging and I gain very love attention. For sure blogging takes a lot of my time but it is a passion Ive been blogging for 5 years and I never intend to give up. I will learn from other bloggers and try my best though :) Thank you fo your lovely post :)