Five Tips for Healthy Teeth

by - Friday, October 24, 2014

On a regular day I don't tend to overthink my teeth if I'm honest- aside from 'has this red lipstick smudged onto them' (which sometimes it Despite being self conscious of about 99% of how I look I've always been happy with my smile, and have been lucky in the fact that I've never needed any dental work doing. But I was sat in the dentists the other day for my checkup and it got me thinking about some of the ways they can be best cared for- after all we do only get one adult set! Here are five tips for a clean, healthy smile.

 Brush, Floss, Mouthwash
Stating the obvious here but brush twice a day, swish around a bit of mouthwash and floss whenever you're feeling enthusiastic and there's a 99% chance that you'll never need a filling. Even though I drink an obscene amount of diet drinks (they might be sugar free but are still horrible for your teeth!) I've never had a filling, and can only put it down to regular brushing/ mouthwash as I don't do anything else to them.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle
That includes eating your veggies, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of calcium. Smoking can cause a variety of problems with teeth (including discolouration and gum disease), and regularly going overboard on sugary alcohol isn't doing them any favours either. Plus when you're drunk you're much more likely to forget to brush them before falling into bed.

Beware of Sugars and Acids
 We were all warned as kids that eating too many sweets would lead to bad teeth. However sugar is a crafty one and winds up in just about everything, fruit contains a tonne of natural sugar and the sweet stuff is even in most savoury dishes. Acid is also your gnashers worst enemy and some foods can be so acidic they can attack your teeth directly, acid enamel erosion causes irreversible loss of tooth structure- scary! So be wary of things like vinegar, wine and fruit juices. For the past five or so years I've drunk all cold drinks with the exception of plain water with a straw, I always considered it as a bit of a bad habit (especially as I'm now unable to enjoy drinks straight out of a glass) but it's probably a good thing really. When you drink through a straw less of your teeth are coated in the sugars and acids from your drink. Maybe one of the reasons I'm able to keep up my diet drink habit without damaging my teeth!

Visit the Dentist Every Six Months
It might not be most people's idea of a fun day out, and it's usually pretty inconvenient. However getting yourself to a dentist every six months (even if your teeth feel fine) is essential. The dentist will able to pick up any potential problems including things like gum disease early, which will save you a lot of pain and money in the long run. If you're after cosmetic work then you might be better off looking for a reputable private dentist, it's amazing the kinds of transformations dentists can achieve these days; whether it's dental implants, invisalign or veneers.

Change Your Toothbrush Every Six Months
Not only will an old toothbrush be full of accumulated bacteria, but trying to scrub between all of the crevices of your teeth with a flattened mess of bristles is never going to go well. A worn out toothbrush is going to leave plaque and food residue behind which may well lead to you coming face to face with a dentists drill a few months later. I always buy toothbrushes in packs of four, that way I've always got a new one on hand when it gets past it's best.

Do you have any tips for maintaining healthy teeth?

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I haven't visited the dentist in quite a while and am pretty mad at myself for it! I notice my teeth are getting more sensitive which isn't good. I didn't think about changing my tooth brush every 6 months but it isn't a huge deal because toothbrushes are usually affordable.
    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

    1. I think my teeth are a bit sensitive too, although it might just be a result of the colder weather meaning I'm drinking colder water as thats the main time I notice it. Yeah if you buy toothbrushes in packs it's easy to remember to replace them :) x

  2. Oopsie I usually only visit the Dentist every year - its too scary!!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

    1. Every year isn't too bad, much better than not going at all or leaving it years in between :) I know most people are scared of the dentist, it doesn't bother me personally it's the doctor I'm terrified of going to. Which is completely irrational haha x

  3. Great tips! Mine is: if you find yourself getting the occasional canker sore, it could be because that the sulfate amount in the toothpaste is too high. Sulfate in a reasonable amount doesn't cause sores, but some toothpastes (Colgate and Crest, for example) contain more of it than Aquafresh and Tom's of Maine do.

    1. Oh that's such a good tip I had no idea! I don't get these too often (only when I slip with my toothbrush and it hurts the inside of my mouth oww). Although I do use Aquafresh toothpaste so maybe thats why :) x

  4. I'm definitely going to consider drinking out of a straw!

    1. I cant drink out of a glass without one now haha! I've even got washable plastic straws in my cupboard as backups in case my regular straws run out, I always thought it was a bit of a problem but I think it must be one of the reasons Ive never had fillings as I drink so many diet drinks x


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