Fragrance Friday: Calvin Klein's New Reveal Perfume

Top Notes: sea salt, white pepper, pink pepper, black pepper
Middle Notes: iris, cashmeran
Base Notes: ambergris, sandalwood, musk

Reveal is a brand new perfume in a long line of well known and loved perfumes by Calvin Klein, and is by far the nicest from them I've ever tried. Described as replicating 'the scent of sun-kissed skin and the warmth of cashmere as the cool evenings draw in' it's a great transitional fragrance that's perfect for autumn, but not so warm that you wouldn't want to wear it throughout the year too. I'm certainly no fragrance expert but from looking at those notes you'd never expect it to smell as nice as it does, as sea salt and lots of pepper is certainly not what you get when you spray this gorgeous perfume! This is worlds away from the sweet and fruity concoctions I usually spray on myself, but is a scent I immediately liked and then fell in love some more as it progressed through the different notes.

Reveal is described as a sensual oriental fragrance, and it's possibly the most addictive perfume I've ever smelled. It's not fruity, it's not floral, it's not fresh. It's something completely different, true 'signature scent' material. I'd describe it as quite aromatic, the initial spray is bordering on unisex (again something much different to what I'd usually go for) but after a few minutes the sweeter warm amber/vanilla smell starts to come through. It easily lasts for the most part of the day, and is reasonably strong so you don't need to drown yourself in it to notice the scent. To be honest I wasn't too fussed on the packaging when I first googled this, I usually prefer girly and elaborate bottles but once this arrived I really changed my mind. The square glass bottle is beautiful and a bit different to your average perfume bottle too, I think it looks expensive with the silver lid and I love the way it leaves an almost triangular shaped bottle when you open it. The flat bottom means it does stand up so is no problem if you like to have your perfumes out on display,

I've worn this non stop for the last two weeks, I usually switch around my perfumes but have been reaching for this every single day. It's modern, smells amazing and all in all a really nice perfume. Even if like me you're a predomanently fruity/florals kind of girl I still 100% recommed giving this a test if you pass a perfume counter. The price is what you'd expect from a designer fragrance, but you do get a really pretty looking free pouch and body lotion when you order from Fragrance Direct!

Does this sound like a perfume you'd try out?


  1. I'm really interested to smell this now, I don't think I've tried any Calvin Klein perfumes before I like the bottle of this one x

    1. it's a really difficult one to describe but smells amazing, check it out next time you're at the perfume counters! x

  2. Oooh, I am so intrigued by the sea salt note. I'm unsure about iris, though, as it can smell cold. Of course, I'll have to smell this in person to know for sure! ;-)

  3. I love the bottle and the sea salt note is sounds quite interesting.