Fragrance Friday: Impulse Rock and Love

I've been using Impluse sprays for months now, and have found they're just the handiest little products to have. Whether it's a quick spray in the morning or to topup with through the day, the fact that they're compact and robust gives them the edge over some of my other body sprays especially when I'm carrying a smaller bag. We all used to know and love Impluse back in the early 2000's (or the eighties/ nineties if you're a bit older than me!) but did you know they've recently been reformulated? The perfume experts from the likes of Dior and Calvin Klein have put together a modern new Impluse collection that's grown up while still being fun. They now even contain perfume oils so are much longer lasting too- despite the little metal tins being recognisably 'Impulse' they're quiiiite bit different to what we used to take in our school bags in the day!

Rock and Love is described as a rock chic autumnal scent that's perfect for the cooler weather. Autumn in perfume land means out with the light fruity, florals and citrus scents and in with warmer spicier fragrances. While a lot of the time I'll just wear whatever scent I fancy on the day, I think it's still nice to have little seasonal fragrance collections. With this being a body spray it's still light, but definitely has that warmer autumnal edge to it. Rock and Love is an oriental fragrance with the fresh scent of orange blossom and the warming vanilla- like scent of amber.

Even if like me you're a bit of a perfume addict, these are still so handy for quick sprays throughout the day or to keep in your handbag/ gym bag etc. All in all another great release from Impulse.

have you tried these newly formulated Impuse sprays yet?


  1. Sounds interesting, and the bottle is so cute!

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  2. I haven't seen these in so long but the packaging is perfect for throwing in a gym bag or purse!

  3. I've never tried Impulse cos I always thought I was too old for them, but this one sounds so nice! Maybe I can mix it with that other scent I shared on my blog! ;) xx

  4. I love perfume so I am always up for a spray of something! These are handy for use on the go or after the gym!

  5. I have this and I am yet to review it, sounds fab though! <3