KeraFiber Keratin and Argan Oil Review

While every season has it's challenges when it comes to maintaining your skin and hair, autumn and winter are by far the worst offenders. As magical as some people might find this season, I can't say I find it too magical when I look in the mirror after getting home and see a bedraggled, wind swept mess looking back at me. When one minute you're sat at home with the central heating on full blast and the next you're out in gail force winds, your poor hair probably doesn't have a clue what it's supposed to be doing. And so the right products are essential; hydrating masks and treatments will inject a bit of moisture back in, as will using a good quality hair oil after every wash. The hair oil I'm currently using is this one by KeraFiber and is a notch above every other hair oil I've tried. As well as protect the hair it contains pure keratin protein to actually strengthen and rebuild the hair's tensile strength and elasicity. Sounds good right?!

Since discovering the joys of hair oil over a year ago I've gone through a tonne of different ones, and while the majority of them have been good this one definitely stands out for me. As well as containing the additonal keratin protein, the actual formula and feel of it is amazing. It's extremely light and feels weightless in the hair, if like me you have fine hair you'll know what a selling point this is when it comes to hair products. It contains no sulfates, mineral oils, parabens or phosphate and it smells nice too which is never a bad thing with products like these. I rarely find the smell of shampoo or conditioner lingers in my hair, so I love catching the scent of something like this when I swish my hair about! The glass bottle has a luxe feel to it to, and the 50ml size should last a month or two of daily use. As my hair is reasonably long now I use two pumps (which covers the mid lengths and ends of my hair) but you'd probably need a bit more if you have thick or very long hair.

I've only been using this for a couple of weeks now, but have no doubt that in time it will make my hair stronger and healthier. If you're still not using a hair oil in your routine you really are missing out, and with something like this you're getting the preventative measures from breaking as well as ingredients that help strengthen the hair.

What steps do you take to protect your hair over the autumn and winter?


  1. This sounds so good! Love oils, and I love keratin hair treatments. It's quite expensive but no more than Moroccan Oil really :) I use coconut oil in my ends at the moment.

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  2. I love using hair serums and cream in my hair this time of year. The main challenge seems to be making sure it isn't weighed down too much.

  3. Oooh, this looks good! Right now, I'm using Garnier Moroccan Sleek oil in my hair after each shower, before combing it through. The result is hair that looks just like shampoo commercial hair! :-P

  4. Even in summer weather, the heat destroys our hair, so I like to always use some type of moisturizing oil like coconut oil or moroccan/argan oil. It makes my hair feel nice and healthy.