Christmas Table Decor Ideas

Aside from the tree, one of my favourite places to decorate at Christmas is definitely the dining room table! I'm not sure why but I find that over Christmas we make the effort to sit around it a lot more, and so it's well worth making it look cute and festive. The decor in my dining room is cream with accents of black, so I thought for my Christmas decor in this room I'd go with black and red- the red should really stand out and look extra festive! Here are some of the pieces that I have my eye on.

 I was thinking of going with a full tablecloth, but liked the look of this runner and think it will contrast nicely with the black placemats that I use all year round. Plus how pretty would it look with some of the snowflake confetti (from Etsy) sprinkled over the top!

 I've been playing around with different table centrepiece ideas for the last couple of weeks, and came across this one which I thought it was stunning. It's pretty pricey at £30+ but if you have the cash to splash what a gorgeous way to bring a bit of life to the table. It uses real foliage so isn't something you can reuse again next year, but is still something I think is worth it if you're going to be having guests round and spending a lot of time at the table.

 I don't actually own any champagne glasses at all, so is definitely something I'll have to invest in for this Christmas! I love the style of these, and because the stems are black they'll tie in with the rest of my dining room decor. This is the time of the year you might want to check that you have enough basic tableware for everyone that's coming round- I get mine from places like Homebase as they're inexpensive and you can find some cute, unique pieces.

It's the finishing touches like this that make all the difference; things like napkin rings, place holders and wine glass decorations. It's one of the only times in the year that you can go all out so why the hell not eh? These are really cheap from eBay but you can find them anywhere at this time of year.

Do you decorate your dining room at Christmas? Where do you shop for festive tableware?


  1. These are all lovely! I really like your blog, glad I found it :)

  2. Those reindeer napkin rings are super gorgeous!! Great ideas you share! :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

    1. Aren't they cute, hoping I can find something similar in a local shop as I think it's too late to order from ebay now x