Genie Cashmere Powder and Brush Review

I've been blogging about beauty for two and a half years now, and as you can imagine I've tried out a lotttt of products. But one thing that I've never owned in all of that time is a really nice pressed powder, since discovering Rimmel's Stay Matte I've pretty much repurchased on auto-pilot when it's been close to running out. But while that's a fantastic product it's not without it's faults- I find it runs out way too quickly for my liking and the packaging leaves a LOT to be desired (it seems like even looking at the thing is enough to make the writing fade!) In fact I've pulled out brand new and never used compacts out of my makeup storage before to find the front had faded- and that's quite an achievement for something that's not been touched or moved in any way. So over the last few months my love affair with my old faithful pressed powder started to dwindle and I had my eye out for a nicer replacement. Step in Genie's Cashmere Powder; a beautifully packaged compact that promises airbrushed results without caking or settling into fine lines. I think my pressed powder preferences have been changed forever!

I'd never heard of Genie products up until recently, but they're a higher end brand that can purchased from QVC. Their Cashmere powder contains all kinds of gorgeous ingredients that are beneficial to the skin such as vitamin E, soy complex and aloe vera- as well as super ingredient T-1 complex which actually tones and revitalises complexion while reducing free radicals- I'm not sure many other pressed powders could boast those kinds of benefits! As well as being beneficial to the skin it's a beautiful product overall, the texture and application is just a different world to any other powder I've ever used. Genie states that this is 'pressed for convenience but acts like a loose powder' and I completely agree, it takes 'finely milled' to a whole new level (it's ground three times to get the smallest particles possible!) You can just about see from my photos that there's a very slight shimmer to the powder, this doesn't translate at all to a glittery face and instead gives the prettiest subtle luminence to the skin- personally I'm all about a matte finish so this is the kind of thing that would usually scare me but it's very natural without looking 'dewy' or highlighted. Finally the brush that comes with this powder is absolutely amazing, I'd go as far to say it's now one of my favourite brushes that I own. It's soft, dense and feels great on the skin while allowing you to build up the product as much or as little as you'd like.

Genie emphasises that this is a powder that won't make you look old, being in my mid twenties this isn't an issue that really applies to me (yet!) but I'm sure would be a god send for more mature skin as the super fine formula won't settle into wrinkles. Having said that this is a great powder for all ages and skin types, it will give dry skin a natural radiance without clinging to dry patches and mattify oily skin- I can't fault it whatsoever!

What's your favourite pressed powder?


  1. I've never heard of the brand before but the powder looks beautiful! // UK Fashion Blog

  2. Anything with cashmere in the name makes me stop and do a double take lol. The brush looks nice!