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by - Wednesday, January 07, 2015

 After twenty five years in the beauty industry Ariane Poole, international makeup artist released her very own line of cosmetics under the philosophy 'you should notice the woman, not the makeup.' I've never been one for colourful or vibrant makeup and so this is my kind of thinking, despite my love of cosmetics (and the sheer amount that I own and use) I do tend to go for more understated and natural looks more often than not. After working as a spokesperson for Boots No7 for four years and working with more celebrities than I can list in this post, Ariane has had plenty of experience with beauty and cosmetics and it definitely shows in the range of beautiful products she has created. I've been trying out two pieces from the range, here's what I thought!

"A chameleon shade that adapts to your eye colour. This shade works beautifully on any eye colour. Use as an eye shadow or an eye shadow base"
I love a good multi- use product, especially when it's a high end like this one as I feel by being versatile you really get your money's worth. This is a liquid that dries to a smooth powder finish, I've used it as an eyeshadow base as well as alone as an eyeshadow lid colour (with a slightly darker powder swept through the crease) and it works amazingly as both. While a taupe colour like this is universally flattering, I particularly like it for my colourings. The cool tone works well with my skin tone and I find it brings out the blue in my eyes. It's creamy, gorgeous and very long lasting- a great everyday staple product.

"My 4-in-1 Luxury Mascara in Black glides on smoothly and gives an extravagantly dramatic look by Curling, Volumising, Lengthening and Locking lashes into place!"
This mascara is a great all-rounder; it really does lengthen, curl and volumise which I find is pretty rare with mascara as usually they can only do one or the other. The erganomic curved wand helps to grip lashes all the way round to give an even coating, and it can be built up beautifully without giving the dreaded 'spider lash' appearance. There's no smudging or mascara flakes falling onto your cheeks after a few hours of wear, and it contains ingredients that actually strengthen lashes which is an amazing added bonus! While the packaging isn't especially exciting for this, what's inside is gorgeous, truly a high end mascara!

Do these sound like products you'd like to try?

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  1. This duo looks really pretty! I love the colour of the eye shine.

    Georgina x | miss petite

    1. It's such a nice little set, I love the colour of the eye shine too :) x

  2. Wow, that eyeshadow is seriously gorgeous! It's like the perfect balance between taupe and champagne. <3

    1. Isn't it pretty, the perfect wearable shade! x

  3. that eye shade looks so pretty!

    from helen at


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